Arenys de Mar and Arenys de Munt


The following photographs are of the wedding that was held in Arenys de Mar and Arenys de Munt. Specifically celebrated in the Castell Jalpí.

The bride and groom of this wedding are Carlos and Fátima, a couple who lives and works between the cities of London and New York, but due to their roots they returned to Barcelona to celebrate their wedding day passing through the towns of Arenys de Mar and of Arenys de Munt.

As WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS IN BARCELONA we are very happy and happy each time a couple trusts us to take photographs of one of the best days of their lives, which in this case was in the Castell Jalpí.

This wedding in Arenys de Mar and in Arenys de Munt began with the couple changing and getting ready in a hotel in the center of the city.

Carlos, the boyfriend, began to dress in the hotel room and on our part we were photographing all the steps while his family helped him. After a series of natural photographs while dressing, we made the classic group photographs with his family. In them we met his mother, and also his father. The whole family loved to spend the summer in the towns of Arenys de Mar and Arenys de Munt, for this reason they selected these places to celebrate their wedding.

After taking pictures with her parents, we met her sister and her twin brother who in this case was physically exactly the same as the boyfriend.

The groom’s brother was in charge of picking up the bouquet and taking it to the bride’s room to make his delivery before leaving for the Castell Jalpi.

After taking some pictures with the family, we ended up making some photographs and portraits of the groom already prepared for his wedding in Arenys de Mar and in Arenys de Munt.

At the same time that we made these photographs, the other part of our team was in the bride’s room, one floor below the groom’s, taking a series of images while the mother of the bride helped him with the dress. Before this, we also made some images while the bride was in the middle of her makeup process.

For this wedding in Arenys de Mar and in Arenys de Munt we would strongly recommend the hiring of the well-known Pelsynera hairdressers and stylists, who work in Arenys de Mar and in Arenys de Munt indistinctly. They are great professionals with whom we have collaborated on countless occasions, and for this reason we would not hesitate a second to recommend them for any type of wedding or event, especially at a wedding in Arenys de Mar and Arenys de Munt.

While the bride was being made up, we photographed the details, such as the bride’s shoes, the bride’s rings, the earrings, and especially the bride’s dress. Once she got dressed, we also took some pictures and details of the work embroidered on her dress and the details she wore in her hair.

Once it was ready, we took a picture of the bride and immediately went to make group photographs with her family. In them we met his mother, and his three sisters with whom we made a series of family photographs in this hotel in Arenys de Mar and in Arenys de Munt. The Hotel was full of wedding guests.

After the photographs of the group, the groom’s brother arrived with the bouquet and read the poem while handing the bouquet to the bride.

Everyone was ready, and it was time to move to the Castell Jalpí.

When the groom of this exclusive Wedding in Arenys de Mar and Arenys de Munt arrived at the Castell Jalpí, part of the guests were already waiting. The groom began to hug and greet all his friends and family, and in a few minutes the car arrived of the bride. The hostesses of the Castell Jalpí accommodated all the guests in their chairs and the groom made the entrance to the ceremony with his mother.

Shortly after the two nieces of the bride made their entrance down the aisle holding two bouquets of flowers while the groom and the guests looked at them with emotion. In a few minutes the music rang and first the sisters of the bride entered and then the bride entered with her mother until they reached the altar where the groom was waiting for her excitedly.

The tickets of this Wedding in Arenys de Mar and in Arenys de Munt were a success. The tickets of any wedding are one of the most exciting moments we can live.

In the Castell Jalpí was everything beautiful and perfectly prepared to celebrate the ceremony of this Wedding in Arenys de Mar and Arenys de Munt.

The justice of the peace began the ceremony and we were photographing the looks and gestures between the couple. Then some friends read several texts dedicated to the couple and later a guest dedicated a song to them playing their flute live.

The wedding ceremony in Arenys de Mar and in Arenys de Munt was ending, but not without the exchange of rings. After one last reading. On the part of one of the girlfriends’ friends, the justice of the peace called the witnesses and at that moment the little nephew of the bride and groom took the rings. The bride and groom said yes, and after a kiss and a hug The ceremony ended with the departure of the couple while all the guests threw the petals.

The wedding ceremony in Arenys de Mar and in Arenys de Munt had ended. All the guests approached the couple to greet and congratulate them. After the congratulations, the couple asked for some brief group photos with the closest family on the altar with the Castell Jalpí in the background.

Then we had 20 minutes to be able to take photographs of the couple’s report with the couple. We walked down to the lake area where we photographed the couple walking by the lake and relaxed. When we reached the middle of the route we made the classic image of the couple with the Castell Jalpí in the background.

While we were returning to the Castell Jalpí, the bridegroom raised the girlfriend and we got a nice picture of the couple.

The couple returned to the appetizer where everyone was enjoying the food and drink that Arcs catering had prepared. The cocktail is an ideal time to photograph the guests and the bride and groom in a very casual way while enjoying. Once the appetizer was over, the bride decided to go up and peer through the window of Castell Jalpí to throw her bouquet. After the launch, the bride and groom asked all the guests to enter the Castell Jalpí Hall to enjoy a private concert they had organized. The couple knew some famous Russian pianists who, together with a friend of the couple, played and sang some songs that dedicated to this Wedding in Arenys de Mar and in Arenys de Munt.

After the concert that lasted an hour, all the guests moved to the hall of Castell Jalpí where the dinner would be held. Once everyone was at their table, the bride and groom went dancing very happy while holding small signs in which they I read “better together”.

Hacena proceeded with complete peace of mind, until the moment when some friends of the couple began with a game that involved all the guests. It was to guess the tastes of each of them and go punctuation on a sheet to later reward the table of guests who best knew the wedding couple of this Wedding in Arenys de Mar and in Arenys de Muntque was held in the Castell Jalpí.

Then between the cake and the couple they cut it. The couple took the bus and gave a few words of thanks to all their guests and then the father of the groom made a short speech talking about the couple. As is customary in Catalonia, the couple gave away various dolls that were intended for the different friends of the couple and finally the dance that gave way to the party began, where the DJ was responsible for encouraging all the guests.

To finish, on our part we ask the couple to allocate a few minutes to make three night photographs with which to finish the bride’s album in a more romantic way.