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Boo restaurant Barcelona and the church of La Concepcion

Boo restaurant Barcelona and the church of La Concepcion

The following photographs are of the wedding that we made in the Boo restaurant in Barcelona and in the church of La Concepcion also in Barcelona.

The Concepción church is located on calle Aragón number 299 in Barcelona, ​​and the Boo restaurant where the appetizer and dinner of this wedding was held, is located in the Nova Mar Bella, one of the beaches of Barcelona, ​​specifically its address is Espigó de Bac de Roda, 1.

The couple who starred in this wedding are Pavel, a Peruvian boy who emigrated to Barcelona to devote himself to medicine, where he met the girlfriend, Lieselot, of Belgian origin who also works in medicine.

So this wedding was a mixture of cultures, which began in a different way than we are used to in Spain. The bride waited at her home where she dressed in white with her family, her parents and her brother. A little later the groom arrived with his family and the bride’s bouquet. They met at the door of the house all together and made presentations.

To us as WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS IN BARCELONA, we do not love discovering and learning new traditions from other countries to which we have never traveled.

As photographers, our job was to make a photojournalistic report while they showed up at their home and together with the bride and groom we decided previously that after the disuse of the respective families we would spend an hour approximately to do a couple’s report for the city of Barcelona. So while the relatives ate together at the home of the couple, we and the couple moved to the location they chose.

Our destination was the Gothic neighborhood very close to the cathedral of Barcelona where we made a series of images walking together. The couple were very shy, and we opted to take some pictures while walking together to relax a bit. We took a walk around the streets next to the cathedral of Barcelona and we moved to the Plaza del Rey where we finished the story of the couple, before the wedding began at the church of La Concepción and enjoyed their wedding dinner at the Boo restaurant in Barcelona.

We moved together to the house of the couple where the two families were waiting for us. Once we have arrived, the tradition in Belgium is for the couple to take a series of family photos inside the house. Being a small apartment we chose to make them in the small terraces that we had.

There we made a series of images of the boyfriend with his mother, also with his best friend and with his uncle. On the part of the bride we took photographs of the bride with her mother, of the bride with her father, of the girlfriend with his sister, and also his brother-in-law and his little niece. After this brief photo session the couple took a snack and went down to the street to wait for the special bus they had hired to move both the couple and the whole family to the church of La Concepción where the ceremony would take place.

Inside the bus we made some natural photographs while we were the center of attention for all the streets through which we circulated masters, since the bus was very old and made a lot of noise. Once we arrived at the church of La Concepción, the whole family got off the bus and greeted the guests who were waiting at the door of the church of La Concepción.

While the guests were entering the church of La Concepción, the groom was preparing with his mother to make his entrance through the hall that would take him to the altar of the church of La Concepción. At this time there was what sometimes happens in some weddings, and is that the boyfriend his mother had to wait for more than 15 minutes at the door of the church until the organists arrived and began to play the music from the huge organ of the church of the Conception.

Once inside the groom with his mother, the bride did the same with her father and her little niece. For our part as wedding photographers in Barcelona we were continuously taking photographs of all the moments that occurred during the two entrances of the bride and groom to the church. As wedding photographers in Barcelona we had previously worked in the church of La Concepción, and we were very happy to do it again, because it is a very grateful church photographically speaking.

The ceremony began, and we made the photographs of the parents on the altar, of the couple together with the priest, of the relatives located in the first benches of the Concepción church, and then we also photographed some panoramic views to show the architecture of this church.

The time came when the couple exchanged the rings that their little niece brought them, and then they did the candle ceremony, where the couple lit a small candle.

Once the ceremony was over, the couple and the witnesses made the signatures of rigor, and then we made four photographs of the couple and their families in the altar of the church of La Concepción.

The bride and groom joined hands and left the church together where the guests were waiting for them, full of red petals that they threw with great energy to the couple. Next, the couple wanted to move to the cloister of the church of La Concepción and there we took all the photographs of the group with all the rest of the relatives who attended the ceremony.

Once we finished making group photographs, the bus took the first 20 guests of the wedding to the Boo restaurant Barcelona. The rest of the guests and the bride and groom had to wait for the bus to make that first trip to the Boo restaurant Barcelona and return to the church to pick up the rest. After 40 minutes of waiting, the bus picked up all those waiting at the bus. door of the temple and I approach them to the Boo restaurant Barcelona on the beach.

Once we arrived at the Boo restaurant Barcelona we walked about 300 m and we reached the beach where the other part of the guests was at Boo restaurant in Barcelona.

The bride and groom and the photographer were the last ones, and once all the guests were enjoying the aperitif of the wedding of Pavel and Lieselot in the Boo restaurant Barcelona, ​​the bride and groom made their entrance.

It was already night and therefore we could not enjoy the great views of the beach available at the Barcelona restaurant Barcelona, ​​but everyone enjoyed the magnificent appetizer they had prepared. After an hour and a half of cocktail, the guests entered the room and as usual at weddings in Belgium, they began the speeches of the closest relatives to the couple. Also during the dinner there were several speeches that talked about the couple and their history. It was especially exciting the speech of the boy’s uncle who remembered Pavel’s father. The sister of the bride also made a funny speech talking about her sister and her adventures until arriving in Barcelona and starting a relationship with Pavel.

The friends of the bride prepared a game in which the couple had to answer different questions one about the other that became one of the funniest moments of the wedding. At the same time from the Boo restaurant Barcelona they prepared a dessert buffet that everyone enjoyed.

Around 1:30 in the morning, the first dance of the couple began, which they also enjoyed together with their parents and the rest of the guests.

From oliver & viladoms studio we want to thank both Pavel and Lieselot for having trusted us to make the report of One of the most important days of their lives.

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