Castell de Sant Marçal



We spend so many hours surrounded by couples as Wedding Photographers in Barcelona, but we also spend as many time surrounded by workmates and that’s how it is meant to be. We have to know each other, communicate, and understand the Wedding organization to the smallest detail of the floral decoration. Everything matters, because everything will be part of that personal story that the couple wants to tell on their big day. That intention is multiplied when we talk about Destination Wedding, Weddings in which the chosen place is more relevant, if possible, because it is as important  as the Bride and Groom themselves. Because of this, we take advantage of special occasions in which the protagonists are the Grooms, but the future Grooms that is, because with these sessions, with these Wedding Photos we seek together to create an inspiration and make it in a big way. What better place than Castell de Sant Marçal to recreate a dream Destination Wedding, in which recreation, those wedding planners looking for enclaves in Barcelona for their couples, can find the perfect place.


Castell de Sant Marçal is one of those places that, because of its outdoors and in architecture beauty, it serves as the perfect canvas to draw an unforgettable wedding. Those exteriors, protected by its old wall, seem to not have an end, there is always a new corner that will surprise you, no matter how many times you go to Castell de Sant Marçal, its beauty envelops you every time. If we add the cares and pampering of the floral decoration’s artists, as Távola, to that natural beauty the sensations multiply and the eyes will not tire of looking. InTávola they know how to ally with the environment and not annul it, in fact they do the complete opposite, they enhance its beauty with elegance and delicacy. It is a joy to work with these professionals, and to photograph their exquisite work. We get Wedding Photographs that could be from a real and magnificent wedding, because they put that same effort, or maybe even more, for the Destination Weddings that they take care of in Castell de Sant Marçal. And we enjoy every arrangement, every corner, even the last petal is a unique photograph in itself. These decorations also serve to show the amazing potential of spaces that Castell de Sant Marçal has to offer, both exterior and interior. For the celebration of Civil Ceremonies, Reception, Appetizers, Banquet, Party. The only limit is the imagination.

About Wedding banquets who know, and a lot, are Catering Airolo. They know how to understand the wishes of the couple, following the directions of their wedding planner without losing their essence, the one that permeates their kitchen with the Catalan aromas and colors, flavors that will leave a vivid memory on the palate of all the attendants, asserting that Destination Wedding is an actual Barcelona Wedding, without the slightest doubt. While all these professionals work around us we get into our role, we are the Wedding Photographers in Barcelona of a couple who has chosen our city to celebrate their wedding, and we look for images full of beauty, elegance and story to record how beautiful getting married in Castell de Sant Marçal can be, getting married in Barcelona.

Because Barcelona, the city, is very close. Just twenty minutes separate the city from this dreamlike enclave that seems to emerge from a fairy tale. Castell de Sant Marçal has managed to restore and add spaces respecting its essence and that is easy to tell. While a photograph  draws itself with the facade as a background, the towers, the regal and the serene, seem to be watching the scene. Those in charge of the decoration have arranged beautifully decorated chairs that announce an outdoor Civil Ceremony. The remains of a pit recall past eras, while the steel of the new salons integrates without disturbing. Green surrounds everything and the sky is blue. We are in Castell de Sant Marçal, a unique place for a unique Destination Wedding.


Everything is beautiful. Each Photography that is born from these special reports makes us more aware of the work behind a wedding, especially if it is a Destination Wedding. And the most important thing is to have the help, almost magical help, from a good wedding planner who knows his profession well. And these people know how to do it, Yes I do, Cherry on Top, Carole Bipat from Marry me in Spain, they are pure instinct and maximum dedication. They go to the limit and more to capture what the couple wants, and that shows. The feeling we get as Wedding Photographers is as we were witnessing how a machine with a complex gear works in perfect harmony, to the point that, from the outside, everything seems simple. A plate being placed in a certain way, the inclination of the flowers being a concrete one, the disposition of the Guests millimetrically calculated. Hours and hours of work materialized in a day. Our job is, to make all that work last forever, creating an unforgettable and very special Wedding Report in Barcelona.

For all this and more we say we feel true respect for each one of the professionals involved in a wedding, and we love making reports that reflect their work that, after all, is also ours. Knowing that Castell de Sant Marçal will offer us a thousand moments, a thousand images and many couples who will choose Barcelona as a destination and will choose us as their Wedding Photographers. We wait for you.