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We photo of a wedding next to the Wedding Catering Cal Blay in the masia Torreblanca del Penedes. It was a destination wedding where she was Venezuelan, Colombian and he was Irish. They came up to here with all your family members from their respective countries to celebrate this great day. Barcelona Wedding Photographers.

Boyfriend was prepared in a private home in the town of Sitges while the bride is dressed in the masia Torreblanca where the civil ceremony conducted the affairs and the aperitif and dinner in the affairs of the house where the wedding Catering Cal Blay was in charge of all the gastronomy. As wedding photographers are not love working on sites as special as this next to the

Wedding Catering Cal Blay hello experience is more than proven.

With the wedding Catering Cal Blay you will have a wedding to Merida with a very close and personal. With the wedding Catering Cal Blay you will be able to enjoy your wedding because they that will take care of everything.

In this case the wedding was held in the masia Torreblanca but from the Wedding Catering Cal Blay i propose different spaces so that you can choose which you like more. I will propose the scenario that dream among a wide range of possible spaces where your ceremony to prepare our cocktail or aperitif and perform the wedding feast always taking into account your preferences or it is advisable to andes different spaces as well as castles as well as is punishable Lorenza typical Macias catalan or or even cellars surrounded by vineyards in the Penedès.

Catering Cal Blay

From the wedding Catering Cal Blay have worked in countless spaces but among the most important i recommend the masia Torreblanca where we photographed this wedding, the mirador de Les caves, the Masia Joan Sardà, The Tower Can Parellada, Clos the Tv and Parc Samà.

The Mirador de las cavas is a space surrounded by vineyards with views to the mountain of Montserrat is located in the Penedès surrounded by vineyards and full of intimate spaces where you can hold ceremony in this space there are different environments such as the refuge of the boyfriends that is a house where they can stay and eat breakfast and also can be changed and refreshed. Another interesting space the amphitheater of the vineyards, which are usually civil ceremonies and is surrounded by vineyards and vineyards. We find the mirador of the vineyards where you can celebrate perfectly the aperitif after the ceremony open place where you can enjoy the landscape of the Penedès and eat a snack. Another space is the porchada and then we also have the versatile space and without columns overlooking a landscape full of vineyards this home is high ceilings with wooden beams and large windows. Mirador de les caves is located in the road of Ordal to San Sadurní kilometer three of Els Els Casots in Subirats.

Catering Cal Blay

Another Wedding Catering space Cal Blay is the masia Torreblanca where reunited modernity and tradition, is located in the Penedès region in the middle of vineyards and surrounded by gardens ideal for snacks and dinner. This 15th century farmhouse is perfect for civil weddings and also has a modern interior space and prepared and comfortable. Within the masia Torreblanca we have different areas, one of them is in the vineyards where you can celebrate a civil ceremony in which you can customize all the details, there is also a space where to hold the ceremony the forest and then we have the garden in front of the house surrounded by palm trees and lawn is a special place to make the snack as food dinner in the open air. We also have banquet hall that have glazed space with your terrazzo floor and large windows is a very bright space where to celebrate any holidays, and finally we have the chill out and the swimming pool where you can also celebrate the snacks and a drink. This estate is located in masia Torreblanca directly without number in Montcada i Reixac belongs to Barcelona.

Among the featured spaces offered by the

Catering Wedding Cal Blay is the Masia Joan Sardà, we are talking about a wine of great distinction in which produce their own wines and cavas. Has more than 3000 m² of vineyards that surround the property and is ideal for weddings and banquets in the area of the Penedès. It also has an indoor lounge which can accommodate up to 250 people. It also has a living room, Outdoor access to the swimming pool with a capacity for 300 people. It is a space with different environments, such as for example the restored medieval architecture with an area surrounded by gardens where civil ceremonies are usually performed

this space of the Wedding Catering Cal Blay has spectacular gardens perfect for any snack. Also available from the living room of the house that is luxurious and spacious ideal for lunches and dinners for up to 220 people. There is also the exterior is a city alternative where 300 people and where you can close the event in the best possible way. All of this space is located on the main road Vilafranca to San Jaume of the Domenys, km 8.1 in castellví.

The Tower Can Parellada is also a space of the Wedding Catering Cal Blay. It is a farm of the 15th century surrounded by vineyards near the mountains of Ordal. It is a farm with history and elegance at the same time. This farm has a lot of style is surrounded by vineyards along the Mediterranean mountains the northern part of the massif of El Garraf. Looking for a space with large trees trees and a Mediterranean garden where we can celebrate a very elegant civil ceremony held in the forest. This natural area has a tower downtown. Under which you can celebrate the appetizers and cocktails. The cellar of stone and wood is an exclusive space where you can celebrate any lunch or dinner with rustic air up to 300 people. This estate is located in the N-340 km 1225,8 de Subirats in the Ordal that belongs to Barcelona.

The Wedding Catering Cal Blay also recommends a modernist palace called Clos la TV located in the Camí Vell to Vilanova number 17 of Sant Pere de Ribes. This modernist palace is in an ideal setting and has a house of 10 rooms decorated in a very elegant where you can stay. Both the 10 has of vine of olives as the house itself in this have been restored, equipped with the latest technology. This space of the Garraf and the Penedès is very different from all the others. The civil ceremony may be performed next to the vineyards and the Mediterranean vineyards in exclusive space with all the details. The Aperitif can be held in the garden near the swimming pool and the playgrounds are the places to enjoy an aperitif in the open air. The cellar is the living room which is on an ancient restored and where we can celebrate any lunch or dinner in an intimate way and protected from the weather. This winery has a capacity for 140 people. In this farm we also have the tent that is a versatile and elegant space with a capacity of up to 300 people this is a very bright and open space that has an entry adorned with flowers.

Another Wedding Catering space Cal Blay is the Parc Samà, is located on the road of Vinyols Cambrils which is part of Tarragona. It is an environment with botanical gardens, modernist buildings is a unique space with colonial style buildings. Is a site for both intimate and large parties weddings of many guests, here you will find different environments , the park is a romantic place with exotic wildlife and landscapes colonial is authentic and unique. Ceremonies can be performed in both the lagoComo can also be celebrated the ceremony next to the waterfall. This farm we find the room of the marquesses an elegant space that reminds us of times past and which has a capacity for 300 guests.

The Wedding Catering Cal Blay offers a fresh and modern cuisine with products of first quality and with the impeccable presentation, in it we can find amazing from snacks to buffets and show cooking.

In terms of gastronomy we find a careful selection of product where the product is the main protagonist. Are the products of proximity of authentic unique season give a great category to the dishes of this catering.

The Wedding Catering Cal Blay Always explores new concepts of gastronomy seeking innovation creativity and evolution. Studies the needs of clients and offer creative solutions and original always trusting in the new culinary techniques to the creation of new dishes. For them, the kitchen is like space where research to explore and experiment with new applications of ingredients and innovative recipes that continuously evolve your concept of gastronomy.

The central kitchen the offices are located in the street Es Molí d’en Vinyals number 11 in San Pere de Applecross, Barcelona. Its restaurant showroom and tests are performed in the street Sant Josep Rovira 27 Sadudurni d’Anoia in Barcelona.