Marta & Jordi

Civil Ceremony in the Castle Sant Marçal

Civil Ceremony in the Castle Sant Marçal

Civil ceremony in the castle Sant Marçal

Civil ceremony in the castle Sant Marçal, How to wedding photographers in Barcelona we have made photographs of a civil ceremony in the castle Sant Marçal.

In this case the wedding is the wedding couple, Marta and Jordi that they dressed in their respective domiciles and then held a civil ceremony in the castle Sant Marçal where everything was perfectly prepared for the occasion.

Since the beginning of the weddings and civil ceremonies in the castle Sant Marçal we have been one of the photographers recommended.

When the owners of the Castle decided to open it and to prepare it for the celebration of weddings and all kind of parties we have always formed part of the exclusive suppliers that the castle recommends.

We have even been photographers from Barcelona privileged because at the time that the daughter of the owners of the castle the marquis of the family trenor decided to marry he chose us as their photographers and video graphs for your wedding. This wedding consisted with the participation of more than 600 guests from all over the world. In these special occasion the bride was married with a boy austrian and therefore came plenty of guests from Austria. The wedding lasted several days and was characterized by a welcoming party where everyone was dressed in elegant mind the obligation to carry out a tuxedo for men and dressed with a hat in the case of women.

After a reception by the bride and groom and a barbecue dinner in the style of Argentina in the polo field the castle, the bride offered to their guests a typical flamenco dance dressed in red. For our part as wedding photographers in Barcelona we were composed of a team of five photographers to cover the entire event. Was also exceptional opening of the castle gates in order to be able to visit the inside. In any wedding is allowed to enter the castle as the owner’s family resides in the castle.

The five guests can enjoy their gardens, the view, its great hall, but never in the interior of the interior of the castle which is always closed. The next day was the wedding of which the bride and groom especially the bride came out of the apartments victory in the Pedralbes neighborhood with a dress very elegant and with a long tail, also called attention to the diamond crown that their parents put in his head. The civil ceremony in the castle Sant Marçal was very special.

There was also a religious ceremony in the little church that is on the right side of the castle that only holds six or seven people, so they had to assemble a multitude of screens for all the 600 guests could see it. It became a snack at the polo field and after dinner was held in the lounge located to the left of the castle.

After this personal anecdote about the castle we will continue talking about the wedding of Marta and Jordi, of which we were wedding photographers.

The groom dressed alongside his father in his home where we do some photographs of both the bride and groom dressed the home their parents where we photographed their shoes, her dress and all its details before traveling to the civil ceremony in the castle Sant Marçal.

Both Jordi as Marta are the bride and groom very elegant at the same time as joyful and spontaneous. His naturalness is perfect for us as wedding photographers.

Once finished the preparations we move up to the castle where we photographed the boyfriend greeting family and friends while they were coming to the area of the civil ceremony in the castle Sant Marçal. Once they were all ready entered the groom, and after a few minutes the bride arrived with his father. Children who carried the rings entered the civil ceremony in the castle Sant Marsal in in the first place ahead of the bride of his father.

The civil ceremony in the castle Sant Marçal

It was perfectly prepared and decorated for your celebration.

During the civil ceremony in the castle Sant Marçal The bride and groom were excited and the guests applauded on countless occasions to the couple. Our job as wedding photographers in Barcelona is always carried out discreetly, even though not in a ceremony in a church as in this case, but a civil ceremony in the castle of Sant Marçal.

In this case the bridegroom belonged to the political class and accompanied him 10 or 12 mayors from different municipalities of Catalonia in your wedding and especially in your civil ceremony in the castle Sant Marçal.

At the end of the civil ceremony in the castle Sant Marçal, The Bride and groom went down the hall to the guests woke up at the same time who were throwing the petals.

Finally, the civil ceremony in the castle Sant Marçal was a success.

Civil ceremony Barcelona

Then the bride and groom greeted all the Guests Family Rooms Internet Services we perform relevant photographs and at the end they gave us a few minutes to make their photographs of the wedding. The demand for the bride and groom was to have a story together as natural as possible and therefore we limit ourselves to take a stroll around the Castle and give them that space for you to feel comfortable and show us his naturalness and his love.

After this brief photographic we accompany them until the aperitif in the back garden where they enjoyed the cocktail for more than an hour and a half next to their guests. At the end of the appetizer we did some group photos and after all over the world moved again up to enter the living room where they could enjoy their dinner.

After dinner the bride and groom handed out plenty of details to all your friends and finally after a speech of the bride and groom made a toast dedicated to their guests.

Civil ceremony in the castle Sant Marçal, barcelona

He started the first dance of the couple and then followed the party with the dj that ended at 5:00 in the morning.

The castle is located between Cerdanyola del Vallès and Sant Cugat del Valles, located only 20 minutes from the center of Barcelona.

This castle has its origins at the beginning of the 11th century, where it is already documented the church of San Marçal. In 1225 sold the castle to the family Plegamans which was the initiator of the family Marimon, one of the most important of that time and who are descendants of the current owners. The title of Marquis de Cerdanyola was granted in the 1690 Felix of Marimon member of the board of his majesty in Italy and in recognition of its aid to the crown. At present, the owner of the castle is the 27 habbo marques de Cerdanyola so it can be said that the castle is in the hands of the same family for 700 years.