Costa Brava Wedding Photographers



They had to get married in front of the sea. In that Costa Brava’s sea which became summer after summer into a date partner and an accomplice. Carlos and Laura’s wedding had to be in Girona.


They met in Madrid, far away from the coast. Since then, every summer they had one destination, the sea. Far from the hustle and bustle, and the city noise. They felt how everything was getting serious, but without actually being, exactly how their precious civil wedding was going to be. Yes, they got married in a serious manner, but above everything, they wanted to enjoy and have fun that day, and all that will come.

This wonderful couple met us in the best way possible. We were the photographers in one of her colleges wedding. Not only they saw our work’s results, but they also could see our turn on weddings, living the wedding’s day. That kind of report originated from wedding photojournalism  is spontaneous and fresh. That was the kind of photography they were looking for  and it was a clear decision  to them. And us, of course, excited to take on this new project, this new couple and their history. A civil wedding on Costa Brava. Girona and their illusions were waiting for us.


In front of the beach, that’s how the imagined their wedding in Girona, and that’s how they planned it. The celebration had to be in Hostal de la Gavina, a dream spot completely surrounded by the sea, their sea. They also needed a place to accommodate all of their guests from diverse European places, France, Switzerland, …and have them near. Eliminating unnecessary and complicated displacements they could spend more time celebrating their relationship, partying in the wedding, especially on a wedding held in Costa Brava.


There’s a word to sum up both of the groom’s preparations pictures, and that word is joy. At all time the joy was radiating with no shame from Carlos and Laura’s faces, smiley and excited all along. Laura chose to wear a beautiful up-do  decorated with a headpiece. The wedding dress, white, elegant, and feminine. All of it accompanied by an elegant, simple bouquet made from tiny wild violet toned flowers. It was simply precious. While she finished getting ready, Carlos held his breath a couple more minutes, while debating between the nervousness of the moment and the excitement for seeing her arrive.  It was her, yes, but that day was going to be different. The guests waited for her arrival anxious. She looked at the sky, completely blue, that’s what she asked for that day, and she got it, the rest was only letting go. The time had arrived. He was waiting for her.


And all the waiting was worth it in the end,  of course. Laura radiated happiness and Carlos wasn’t being left behind either. They were celebrating their civil ceremony in Girona, in front of that adored Costa Brava, surrounded by their loved friends and family. Not one cloud in the horizon and the whole day to celebrate their brand-new union. Those smiles, far from disappearing, were drawn even more sincere and wider, followed, with no remedy, by the emotion of the moment. Being wedding photographers in Girona, with such an especial couple with a story this amazing, gives you the incredible possibility to showcase through image the emotions and feelings, catch the moments, and portrait unique and unrepeatable moments. We were really delighted to be part of Laura and Carlos’s wedding.


Delighted, with no doubt, were all the guests when the moment to relish the excellent banquet that Hostal de la Gavina had been preparing with love and care for this civil wedding arrived. Hostal de la Gavina and Costa Brava go hand-to-hand, in location and of course in their cuisine, the Mediterranean is savoured and sensed. Among the laughter, the joy, every table delicately decorated with beautiful flower arrangements, was its own story but with a common point, a couple dedicated to the celebration,  committed to their guests and to their people. The initial idea came alive, have fun above everything.

If you worked as a wedding photographer on Costa Brava you already know what’s going to happen when the sun gets tired and starts to hide, you are left with an amazing sunset. Amazing colours and lights give the pictures of Laura and Carlos’s wedding the luxury frame that they expected from us. It’s a privilege, a wedding on the sea, a wedding on Girona.


Our desire to work didn’t end, as the desire to celebrate of everybody that was there. Sunset became night but anyone seemed to care. The festive atmosphere was marvellous, the company unbeatable and the frame dreamlike, there weren’t reasons to leave. The party lasted until the fatigue overcame. All of Laura and Carlos’s wedding pictures are their story. The story of a couple that came into being at the edge of the sea of Costa Brava and couldn’t find a better place to celebrate their union. And when the wishes are granted, and everything occurs exactly how it was planned or even better, it’s just left  to remember it over and over to smile until the sunrise. Ad for that reason we were there, their wedding photographers in Girona. It was a real pleasure being with you, we are sure that this sea is going accompany you for lots and lots of years.