Vanessa & Brian

Elopement Barcelona

Elopement Barcelona

Elopement Barcelona

In the wedding photography we also photograph of an Elopement Barcelona in the Guell Park. In this case is the elopement at Park Güell in Vanessa and Brian who arrived from the United States to carry out this fantastic photo reportage Elopement Barcelona. We want to thank Mary i in Spain for giving us the opportunity to be the photographers of this small wedding in the city of Barcelona, next to this couple so nice and pleasant.

Elopement Barcelona at Guell Park

This couple so much fun chose the location of the Guell Park as a center for the photographs of your Elopement Barcelona.

In the first place we move up to the upper area of Barcelona where Brian the groom was waiting impatiently. I was a little nervous because I had chosen this place to perform some photographs of First Look next to Vanessa.

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We decided to make this First Look below the Plaza del Parque Güell as a Elopement Barcelona. It is a very beautiful place full of small columns and vaults the roof. There Brian waited for a few minutes until he came Vanesa and made that first glance or First Look that has become fashionable lately, especially among the Anglo-saxon couples.

After being exciting First look we continue shooting in the Guell Park. We took a short walk and climb to the top plaza where the couple enjoying the magnificent view of Barcelona, next to the tiles typical of the Guell Park. Once we finished with this first small part of the Elopement Barcelona we got ready to leave toward the second location where there would be a symbolic ceremony of this intimate of Vanessa and Brian.

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Thus, we walk up to the exit of the Park Güell and there caught the private car that our friend and Wedding Planer Carole Bipat of Marry me in Spain had prepared to continue.

Before moving on to the next location and continue with the Barcelona wedding photographers of this elopement so special in Barcelona, we wanted to talk a little bit of the Güell Park.

The Guell Park is a park designed by the architect Antoni Gaudí that is the maximum exponent of Catalan modernism and is part of the Heritage of Humanity a good place.

It is a public park full of gardens and architectural elements which is located at the top of the city of Barcelona, is in the mount Carmel.

Fotógrafos bodas Barcelona.