Carmen & Amos

Elopement in Spain

Elopement in Spain

Elopement in Spain

These are the photographs of an Elopement in Spain or Barcelona Wedding Photographers.

This Elopement in Spain was carried out more concretely in the city of Barcelona, ​​where this type of photographic report has become fashionable for some years now.

Couples from all over the world make these escapades to live a different experience away from their country. They can be of any nationality, the Americans who come from the United States are usually the clients that perform this type of service the most. They are also British, Australian, Nordic customers, or even as it is in this case a couple that came from China to carry out an Elopement in Spain.

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This Chinese wedding couple, they were called Carmen and Amos. When the Chinese talk to someone who is not from their country, they usually wear a Western-style name.

As wedding photographers in Barcelona, ​​we do not love photographing any type of reportage where its protagonists show us their great enthusiasm for our work.

From oliver & viladoms studio we have been photographing wedding reports for more than 25 years in the city of Barcelona, ​​but also in Girona, Tarragona and Lleida.

The Elopement in Spain is a very funny type of report and different because in a couple of hours we have to make a very varied report in images and different places in the city of Barcelona.

In this Elopement in Spain The bride and groom were eager to have a photograph near the holy family of Barcelona. As wedding photographers in Barcelona we know some corners from which we can make a good photograph of the sacred family.

A driver who was hired by the couple took us to the holy family and once there we started the Elopement in Spain.

We enter the park that is located behind the holy family and thus we arrive directly to a small park from which we can appreciate this spectacular temple. In this park there are two or three corners from which you can contemplate the sacred family and at the same time make a full-body photograph. All the streets adjoining the sacred family are always full of people, all tourists who come to Barcelona go through the sacred family, and this park was no less. It was so full of people that we had to take turns to get into this little corner and take the picture. The couple were very shy and had to make an effort to get this photo for their report of Elopement in Spain.

Once we finished this picture, I took the opportunity to make some more natural images by walking through the lawn of this park. We were only 20 m from the place where we took the picture with the sacred family in the background, but the atmosphere was totally different, we were surrounded by a grove that gave us the necessary privacy to make the couple more comfortable. So we could also achieve some more romantic images And in a more relaxed atmosphere. I also took the opportunity to photograph the bride’s bouquet and a detail of her eyelashes. We then returned to the car that was waiting for us at the corner so as not to waste time. This couple wanted a Elopement in Spain with many different locations.

Then we go to a location that no couple wants to miss, we are talking about the Gothic neighborhood of Barcelona and its surroundings. It is a place with a lot of history, with stone streets, old buildings among which the cathedral of Barcelona stands out.

The car took him directly to the center of the city, more specifically to the Plaza San Jaime where we find the palace of the Generalitat de Catalunya and right opposite the city hall of Barcelona. For the second time the couple found themselves absolutely surrounded by tourists and people watching them. They wanted to go to the street that faces a bridge and the only way was to walk. It is a very busy place, but it has a very nice tradition. Tradition says that any couple that passes under this bridge must stop and kiss. This is what we did to obtain our photograph. After a few minutes we continued walking and I took them through some less traveled alleys but equally beautiful to take different photographs for their Elopement in Spain.

I thought that the shyness had dropped a little and I took the opportunity to ask the boyfriend that the bride was in his arms and thus get it to relax a bit more and get another picture that they would love.

I also took advantage and asked them to come to one of the walls near the cathedral of Barcelona where I made them a portrait together. We continue through various streets until we find one of my favorite places where we can see a large door full of arches where we took a more romantic and slow picture.

We were heading to the king’s square but before I took a picture playing with the planes where the bride was in the foreground a wall cut the photograph in two and the groom unfocused leaving it leaning on a wall behind. while we went to the square of the king I asked permission to a security guard to enter an official building and so to take a picture from inside where we see the couple in the street holding hands marked by a beautiful door of iron.

To have a bit of variety in this photographic report of Elopement in Spain, I asked them to sit down on a bench in a bar while they were having a drink.

Then we arrived at the plaza del rey where I made a series of photographs walking next to the wall of the church of Santa Águeda. Right there we took some photographs in which the bride was on her back and showed all her dress while the groom took her hand and looked her in the eyes. We also played to run while climbing the stairs that lead to the church of Santa Águeda to get a little more movement and fun. At the same time this helped them to relax even more.

As wedding photographers in Barcelona, ​​we like working in the Gothic neighborhood of Barcelona to get a great Elopement in Spain.

After these pictures in the Plaza del Rey, we continued walking and we returned to the streets next to the cathedral of Barcelona where we found a huge door and made a more modern picture. Continuing down the same street we stopped and took a picture of the bride and groom embraced. In a few meters we reached the cathedral square in front of the cathedral of Barcelona and although the light was not ideal, we placed the bride and groom in the center of the staircase and took an angular photograph with the cathedral of Barcelona in the background. This image is another essential to have a good Elopement in Spain.

We continued walking through the Gothic quarter of Barcelona and recommended the couple to enter a building where there was a small fountain where we took some pictures and then went up the stairs to the top where we found a terrace that overlooks large windows of the cathedral, where again we take some natural photographs of the couple.

To continue completing this beautiful Elopement in Spain, we go to the San Felipe Neri square where the church of San Felipe Neri is located and there we took some pictures. The couple were already much more uninhibited and the groom grabbed the bride underneath and lifted her while she raised her arms to the air and smiled.

After an hour and a half taking photos in the Gothic quarter of Barcelona we walked to the wall of the kiss where the bride asked us for a picture with her boyfriend. It is a wall made of tiles in which we find a small printed image in each one of them, but that as a whole they form a great image that consists of two kissing lips. After completing our report of Elopement in Spain we took the vehicle again and this time we went to the beach of Barcelona.

The couple wanted the sea to be present in these photos for their Elopement in Spain.

So we decided to go to the beach to see the sea. The car left us in front of the Hotel W, where we took the opportunity to take a backlit photo of the couple while kissing you. To have dynamism say goodbye to take a walk next to Hotel W and from where I could see the sea and the beach in the background.

We are wedding photographers in Barcelona and we enjoy capturing the joy of our couples both in real weddings and in the Elopement in Spain.

In an Elopement in Spain could not miss the presence of the sea.

After taking some pictures near the Hotel W, we went to the seashore where we took some pictures as they walked and ran across the sand. They also lay down and asked me for a closer portrait. We also made some back photography while they in a romantic pose looked towards the sea. To give more joy to this Elopement in Spain I asked them to run from different points of the beach and when they found a great hug.

They immediately understood what I was looking for and had a great time while doing these pictures.

The light was already gone, but the bride asked me for one last photograph near the rocks on the beach. It was a little complicated but finally they managed to climb some rocks and we got another romantic photograph on the beach of Barcelona that served as Final to this Elopement in Spain.

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After almost three hours of photographs through the city of Barcelona to make this Elopement in Spain, the couple were exhausted, but very happy and happy to have achieved so many images, so varied and different.

Returned to her hotel, I remembered that one of the requests of the bride was to take a picture with La Pedrera or the Casa Batlló of the famous Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí. In fact during this afternoon we approached the house Balló but between the shyness of the couple and the poor quality of light that was at that time we decided between the two not to make that picture.

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Returning to the Hotel, I realized that we were going to pass very close to the Paseo de Gracia and I suggested we take a moment to do one of his favorite photographs. The couple thought it was a good idea and we did it. I asked the driver to go up the side of Paseo de Gracia and leave us right in front of Casa Batlló. I went down first to explore the area and see if we could make this image. After finding the best location I approached the vehicle and asked them to come with me. A tourist was in charge of holding the flash aimed at the couple while I put the tripod and take the picture.

The Elopement in Spain was over and finally we got one last image that the couple wanted.

As wedding photographers in Barcelona we are very happy and proud that this couple coming from China chose us to make the photographic report in Barcelona of their elopement in Spain.

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