Mithat & Seda

The pupils dilate, the heart accelerates its rhythm, your mind tries to believe what is happening, you enter in a state of ecstasy and bewilderment that often drops tears of happiness, shows the most true smiles.

So, would we have to eat a lot of our heads thinking about how to ask for the hand?

A resounding YES! It is a very special moment in the life of a couple and leaves a mark forever, so to help you a little we will give you some very useful tips.


Each person is a world, it is very important that the hand order is original considering their tastes and their personality. In other words that the request of hand is made to measure for your great love.

  1. The place where you first met

Show your partner that you remember and appreciate the small details of your relationship. Taking it to the first place where you saw it, will make you see how grateful you are to have found it. That place is especially symbolic and appropriate to ask you to spend the rest of your life with you, only if it is not a fast food restaurant …

  1. In the middle of the sea

It does not have to be in a boat, the two of you can be swimming side by side on a deserted beach, the ring you are tied on a string of the bathing suit so as not to lose it and avoid a disaster. You least expect it you take the ring of water as if it were magic.

  1. A trip as an excuse

There is nothing better than a “break” and escape together in Bonnie & Clyde style. It can be a big city, both on a bridge over the Seine in Paris and in the Empire Estate Building in New York. It can also be in the middle of nature in a field of poppies in Tuscany or in a vineyard on the French Riviera near Ramatuelle next to Saint Tropez.

If your partner is adventurous take her to a destination with a different culture, for example Asia or the African continent.

  1. The gymkhana of love

Give her small clues, a game of words and images that will lead to the ring or even waiting for her to solve the riddle. Try to include photos, flowers, small gifts, make a true path of love.

  1. In the heights (for those who do not uffer from heights)

Seeing a sunrise on Hot Air Balloon is beautiful, they ask you to hand it on as it is indescribable. Make sure it is in a big size balloon for more people and you are only the two of you and the pilot, so you have space for the Champagne. Do not beg right at first to make it a real surprise.

  1. Never in front of the family

You never know if the sister-in-law is an envious one and avoiding a heart attack to her mother-in-law is more than a relief, remember that it is a love between two people and that you are going to ask the hand of your partner and not your family. It’s a very special and intimate moment between just the two of you. If your partner tells you if you will already have time to share the moment of happiness with your families.

  1. Plan what happens next

The hand request does not end after giving the ring and she or he said yes. After the great moment follows the celebration, so take your great love to a fabulous place to follow the fairy tale. A wonderful meal or dinner and a toast for both of you and love. The next day’s awakening has to live up to a breakfast in bed and show you that you have not dreamed of anything that has happened.

  1. Style Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker)

We all know of “Sex and the City” the great protagonist. Although in the film does not count the first attempt, the second if it does. In the apartment they shared before, their great love “Mr. Big Preston” (Chris Noth) succeeds. When she goes to look for his Manolo Blahnik in the dressing room that was once his, by surprise he finds his great love. He kneels in front of her to put his shoes on, like the prince to Cinderella and then asks for his hand.

As last but not least, to say that love knows no boundaries or any kind of barrier, if you can imagine being the rest of your life next to that person ask the hand following your heart.

We attach some tender images made by Oliver & Viladoms of a hand request in Barcelona. Mithat, the boyfriend planned it all and organized it with the help of Carole, from marry me in spain. For the curious, the name of the future bride is Silk, princess name of a thousand and one nights.