Masia Torreblanca

Masia Torreblanca

The wedding that we photographed in the Masia Torreblanca with Weddings Via Val was perfect.

The boyfriends Michelle i Keith enjoyed a fantastic wedding whose gastronomy is commissioned the catering Cal Blay del Penedes.

This special 15th century farmhouse is located in the Penedès totally surrounded by the vineyards and now we can enjoy magnificent panoramic views of the spectacular together fantastic gardens where you can enjoy snacks meals dinner civil weddings and events of all kinds. This house has a large living room where you can hold any party in a modern space conditioning and comfortable for all guests. This estate is located in the Finca Masia Torreblanca directly without number 08734 of Barcelona. It is a farm where you can also make wine tourism.

wedding Masia Torreblanca

Each time you shoot a wedding in the Masia Torreblanca with Weddings Via Val enjoyed greatly because they work in a place so spectacular keeps us highly motivated.

As long as we work in the Masia Torreblanca with Weddings Via Val comes the Catering Cal Blay to deal with both the snacks and lunch or dinner, which is always excellent.

This catering specialized in weddings in the Penedés, is synonymous with quality and know-how. We recommend you reserve a table at any of its restaurants, such as Cal Blay vinticinc or the Mirador de les Caves.

In this case, the wedding was held from start to finish in the Masia Torreblanca with Weddings Via Val.

barcelona Masia Torreblanca

In the interior of the farmhouse is available a special room for the bride can disguise and change of clothing, and Michelle did so. The Masia Torreblanca is a beautiful space surrounded by vineyards in the region of the Penedès. So wanted to the bride and groom when they spoke with Valerie O’Donoghue the wedding planner Weddings Via Val.

So the groom will change in a particular house in the town of Sitges, and next to his brothers and his parents went to the Masia Torreblanca where the wedding planner Weddings Via Val had prepared down to the last detail.

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Masia Torreblanca with the wedding planner Weddings Via Val was fully prepared to accommodate all the guests both Venezuelan and Colombian Irish of this destination wedding.

Valerie O’Donoghue is the wedding planner Weddings Via Val expert in all type of destination weddings that you can prepare weddings in Spain and Catalonia, but is concentrated mainly in Barcelona and the town of Sitges. In this case prepared the wedding in the Masia Torreblanca.

The boyfriends foreigners often ask Valerie, the wedding planner Weddings Via Val, a wedding relaxed with good food where they can enjoy the feast of the sun of Barcelona and its surroundings.

In the Masia Torreblanca could find all of these things.

In the Masia Torreblanca and with the wedding planner Weddings Via Val all weddings are easy organization for which the bride and groom do not have headaches or worries. This is one of the main features that many foreign couples decide to contract to Valerie. They also want to enjoy Barcelona from the sea sun sand mountains kitchen culture art architecture music purchases the tradition and modernity that offers our land. In Barcelona we have a wide variety of spaces to celebrate a wedding.

In the Masia Torreblanca found a rustic villa where a symbolic ceremony to celebrate with your friends and where space is fully accessible for all guests. Your wedding planner Weddings Via Val took care of everything perfectly.

This property also features a small forest and gives you the alternative to the bride and groom to choose if you prefer to make a symbolic ceremony or civilian near the vineyards or prefer to do it in this small forest closest to the house.

This destination wedding was like a dream for this couple so special.

This civil ceremony in the Masia Torreblanca with the special organization of the wedding planner Valerie of Weddings Via Val was a resounding success at the end led to all those invited to the aperitif in the pool area. From there they were able to enjoy the gastronomy of the catering while degustaban catalan cuisine next to the vineyards of the region of Penedès.

Although the dinner could be carried out in the inner room of the Masia Torreblanca where has the capacity of 300 guests, both the bride and groom and the wedding planner Weddings Via Val decided to carry it out in the lovely garden in front of the farmhouse decorated with some lights as if it were a major festival.

The tables were placed near the small lake and its source located in the garden you can enjoy as well of the vegetation and palm trees that we find in this magnificent Masia Torreblanca which he decorated with the wedding planner Weddings Via Val.

For our part as wedding photographers in the Penedès we did a complete follow-up and after photographing the ceremony and we continue with a photo session. Then the couple enjoyed the snack and at the end we did some group photos with your family and friends to the side of the pool.

After we photograph the speech during dinner and finally the couple began dancing in front of the Masia Torreblanca.

At the end of your first dance we move toward the living room where he began the feast and the discotheque where they ended up in the wee hours of the night.

As wedding photographers, we would like to thank the bride and groom and Valerie, the wedding planner Weddings Via Val for trusting us once more for a special day.

Thank you!!!

Calle Torre Blanca Masia torreblanca, 08734 Sant Miquel d'Olèrdola, Barcelona