Caroline & Mike

Destination Wedding in the Costa Brava

Destination Wedding in the Costa Brava – Oliver & Viladoms Studio

Destination Wedding in the Costa Brava

Mike and Caroline came all the way from Ireland and landed coast by the blue sea in Costa Brava.

They were seduced by the Mediterranean sea light, the warm breeze or maybe the blue sky. Perhaps they wanted to build the perfect memory, framed inside an idyllic setting where they could celebrate their wedding.

A special and different wedding, thought and made just for them and their closest ones, and overall to keep a memorable and wonderful memory of their wedding day. The idea was getting shaped, what we call a Destination Wedding in the Costa Brava, a magic Wedding.

Since the first sight the wonderful couple took the decision to celebrate their happiness into a a wedding in S´Agaró, Girona, they looked after their Wedding Planners form Via Val, Valerie and Africa, two women with the sensitivity and expertise needed to take note of the couple’s dreams to bring them into reality.

Every detail of the Destination Wedding of Mike and Caroline in the Costa Brava exuded singularity, as if they had taken care personally of placing the last flower. When the wedding is been handled by the right people, everything falls into place perfectly.

We are lucky to say we are photographers in Costa Brava, and Destination Wedding photographers in Girona as well, having the opportunity to enjoy a wedding in a completely different way, putting a special attention to the traditions of each country, this time was Ireland’s turn. It’s just fun to be a witness and capture through photography all those natural, spontaneous photographies that are so special.

Mike and Caroline wanted an Irish wedding in Costa Brava and they fulfilled their purpose from the first the beginning. Earlier in the day, we could feel a cheerful atmosphere around the Hostal de la Gavina were they were hosted. The festive atmosphere was ignited by their friends. In one side, femes dressed all in robes holding their cava (Catalan sparkling wine) cups. Caroline’s friends, and future bridesmaids, helped their friend Caroline to dress up for the big day. In the other room, Mike’s friends were pulling out from him smiles and laughs.

Far from a nervous and common tense atmosphere previous to the ceremony, there was a cheerful and happy vibe triggered with excitement.

The couple, all dress up, were escorted by their friends towards the church, were their parents were waiting for them. Caroline looked radiant, wearing a three-pieces dressed full of originality and very femenine, she was shining!

A skirt of tulle that moved with the rhythm of her steps, a body type crop top, with an over shirt of chiffon and rhinestones that would accompany her during the Ceremony as well as the veil. The groom wore a suit and longed to see her.

And she was there, emerged from a beautiful classy car, and without a hint of hurry or nerves, she was smiling and calm.

The Church of S’Agaró looked beautiful and solemn.

We got in our spot, trying to go unnoticed by the guests. We consider this a key factor while taking photographies, not to bother and let the party flow. As wedding documentary photographers in Costa Brava, Girona and Spain as whole, learning to look for our place, between columns and lintels, places that allow us to work and let the couple to enjoy their ceremony without interruptions, gestates the most beautiful and natural destination wedding happen.

A beautiful Religious Ceremony in S’Agaró, beautiful for the environment, for the people who had come from afar to be with them, for the Bride and Groom, the readings, words full of feelings and laughter. Because a Church its not a synonym of seriousness, far from it, as their wedding photographers, and wedding video, was a joyful and relaxed ceremony were we enjoyed capturing every single and precious moment.

The cocktail cups began to be handed out and the festive atmosphere rose.

While the guests began their private party, the bride and groom, and we the wedding photographers, started to settle in Costa Brava’s best lighted spots. The sparkles in the water, the sound of the trees, was the beginning. We looked for S’Agaro’s most romantic sites. The best ingredients were over the table to ‘cook’ the photographies of a magnificent and natural wedding. Because it is very easy to work with a couple who are willing to let go, whom enjoy the moment, and that forget that there is a camera around them to just enjoy their day.

Its a recurrent feeling in a destination wedding in Costa Brava. Your wedding is a special day, when choosing a destination far away from home that brings excitement,  and every moment will be a story to remember, an incredible experience for both.

Bride and Groom give themselves to the day, they give themselves to that moment of their lives, because its unique and not going to repeat itself.

Our job is to capture all those emotions into memories, real memories, real photographies of an unforgettable wedding destination in Costa Brava.

Also the unforgettable moments followed at the banquet first and the party afterwards, because there was a party. A huge desire to dance, to let the layers of tulle come alive and glide to the sound of music.

Nothing can be more beautiful in a Wedding than joy, and in the party of this destination wedding that joy climbed a step and became laughs.

Such good times, great chances for us as wedding photographers in Costa Brava, to be able to capture so much happiness in a unique image. Everyone was present, family, all friends enjoyed every moment. While sunset was ending over the Mediterranean sea, a beautiful scenery was the last delight for everyone, a closing of day that no one wanted to end. Mike and Caroline most probably experienced an unforgettable day, neither we. A special wedding for a special couple. We are thankful for their smiles and trust to chose us. You are going to be very happy, that’s for sure.