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Post-wedding report in Barcelona is a photographic report where the bride and groom go back to dressing and we take some pictures another day after the wedding in the place that you choose.

Some may ask what this type of reportage is for, and what benefits it has for the couple. The reality, from our point of view, is that they are all benefits when doing a post-wedding report in Barcelona.

Doing a post-wedding report in Barcelona is also an excuse to get dressed again and in some way to start the wedding day. Actually how many times has a bride tasted her dress for the wedding before reaching the big day?

Do not you think that so much effort to find the dress would deserve to wear it more than just one day? We have spoken with many moves and most have told us that if I know I would love that the wedding will last longer and be able to enjoy more time of a day that has cost a lot of effort to prepare it.

During the wedding day the time to do a photographic report is very limited, we usually do it after the ceremony and while the guests go to the aperitif. There really is not much time to make these pictures, and many boyfriends tend to be restless because they want to be with their guests and not taking pictures or video. For us as wedding photographers in Barcelona we believe that it is important to allocate even 10 minutes to make these photographs because that moment is unique, but if you really want a good creative memory and high quality, it is best to book a specific day after the wedding to make a good post-wedding report in Barcelona or wherever you want. In addition many boyfriends and girlfriends do not usually eat at home from the nerves and come to this moment a little weak after having gone through a lot of nerves and emotions with what hunger and haste tighten much more.

As professional wedding photographers in Barcelona we recommend making a Post-Wedding Report in Barcelona because the lighting conditions that we find are whatever they are, if the wedding is midday we will probably find a sun in a very high position that does not help at all to get some good photographs, on the contrary, it is very difficult for us to work and with this light the bride and groom are not very attractive. If on the other hand it is an afternoon wedding, also according to the schedule we are in summer or winter we can find ourselves with a lack of lighting that does not help us to obtain the best results either. Actually in our case we are good professionals and we know and can adapt to any type of lighting, but to get a good number of good images there is nothing how can a Post-Flight Report in Barcelona.

Another possibility that we can find on the day of the wedding is that it is not good weather, we can find that it is cold or even one of the worst nightmares of many brides, that is to say that it rains. You can really take pictures with any circumstance but you will always be more comfortable both the bride and groom and the photographers if there is a good light, a good climate, a nice and adequate space where you feel comfortable and relaxed.

A post-wedding report in Barcelona will be a unique memory and a very special day, you will dress again as a couple and you can enjoy the place you choose to make excellent photographs. In addition you will know your photographer better and therefore you are more comfortable in front of the camera, the result will be more natural therefore much better.

During a Post-Wedding Report in Barcelona both wedding photographers, the bride and groom can enjoy much more with the post wedding session, which is calmer and on the part of the photographer we have a lot more creative freedom.

It is also true that being able to choose the place where to make the Post-Aerial Report in Barcelona, ​​you have all the freedom to choose a place, that is, it can be the place where you met, or practicing a hobby, or we can even make the photographic report together with your dog.

We have not talked about places, but it can be anywhere you decide, from going to the beach, to the mountain, a garden, in the countryside, through your city, in the forest or not on a cliff. The world is really our studio, and if you want we could make the Post-Flight Report in Barcelona even in another country.

The couples who decide to make a post-wedding report in Barcelona, ​​you may have very clear what they want, you have many ideas for this photo shoot and it is important to communicate them to the photographer so that we all get what we really want. On the other hand there are also couples who, due to shyness, can block themselves in situations where there are many people looking around. For these couples we must tell them that they are in the hands of a good professional who will help them at all times, both with their personality and their creativity. The more information you tell the photographer, the more aspects of your life you will know, so you can adapt to your needs. Details like knowing your hobbies, or your favorite movie, or a special song, can be inspiration for the photographer to get a special photograph that reflects your personality in your Post-Wedding Report in Barcelona.

During this photo shoot we call Postboda Report in Barcelona you can enjoy much more of the wedding.

Below we have made a brief summary of why it is interesting to make a Post-Aerial Report in Barcelona:

If you do a Post-Flight Report in Barcelona, ​​you will gain a lot of peace during the wedding day. You will not have to worry about if you arrive late for the aperitif because they are the ones you say you have 10 minutes to have four pictures of a couple during the wedding day.

If you do a Post-Flight Report in Barcelona, ​​you should not worry about whether the light is good or bad, in case it’s cold or if it rains. When planning this Post-abode Report in Barcelona, ​​you can do it taking into account the weather and therefore you will have less concern in what to think.

If you hire a Post-abode Report in Barcelona you will also make sure you win in creativity and naturalness in all our images. There will be no rush and the main thing will be to obtain excellent images.

Being a reportage made after the wedding, there will be no nerves that involve staining or excessively spoiling the dress. A Post-abode Report in Barcelona is always better. Above all the brides can move with the peace of mind of not having to arrive at the aperitif with an impeccable dress.

With a post-wedding report in Barcelona, ​​you will gain in tranquility and quality.

As the word Reportaje Postboda in Barcelona says, it is a photographic report that takes place after the wedding. The ideal is to do it the day after the wedding if possible, or if not another good option would be to make this photo session as soon as the bride and groom arrive from their honeymoon.

To carry out a Post-abode Report in Barcelona it is not necessary to clean the dress or take it to a dry-cleaner to be perfect. Actually in the photographs and videos of a Postbode Report in Barcelona, ​​we do not appreciate the small spots or dirt that these may have suffered during the wedding day, and even if that were the case, we have the possibility above all in photography to use post-production tools to disguise or eliminate any defect.

As for the makeup of the bride, we recommend that it be as natural as possible and it may be a good idea for the bride to make up herself as she would for a natural look. We believe that it is not necessary to resort to a professional stylist, although if she is more comfortable there is no problem for doing so. Another idea would be that the bride had some concrete idea or would like to have the images of her Post-wedding Report in Barcelona with a specific look.

As far as the bride’s hairstyle is concerned, we do not recommend doing the same hairstyle as Lucio on his wedding day. For the Post-abode Report in Barcelona we prefer a more natural look and we recommend again a hairstyle like the one we would wear any day, we even prefer that the bride wear her hair loose to give more movement, naturalness and dynamism to the images.

As wedding photographers in Barcelona we have made post-wedding reports in many different places such as: Girona, Tarragona, Lleida, Viladsar de Mar, Badalona, ​​Mataró, Arenys de Mar, Caldetas, Arenys de Munt, Calella, Blanes, Lloret de Mar, Tossa de Mar, Aro Beach, Palamos, Calella de Palafrugell, Ampuria Brava, Roses, Cadaques, Figueras, Torroella de Montgrí, Calonge, Montseny, Breda, Sant Celoni, Caldes de Montbui, Hostalrich, Granollers, La Roca del Valles, Alella , El Masnou, Cerdanyola, Sabadell, Tona, Taradell, Camprodon, Vall den Baç, Tavertet, Vic, Manlleu, Prats de Lluçanes, Castellar de Nuch, Nuria, Ribas de Freser, Perafita, Sant Feliu de Codines, Aiguafreda, La Garriga, The Ametlla, Senmanat, Caldas de Montbui, Palau de Plegamans, Castellar del Valles, Mollet del Valles, Montgat, Barbera del Valles, Hospitalet de Llobregat, El Prat de Llobregat, Viladecans, Gava, Vegas, Vallirana, Castell Bisbal, Martorell, Tarrasa , Viladecavalls, Olesa de Montserrat, San Esteban desazón Rovira, San Sadurní de Noia, Vilafranca del Panadés, Sitges, Vilanova and La Geltrú, Calafell, Comarruga, San Cugat, Manresa, Matadepera, Cardona, La Molina, Andorra, Berga, Ripoll, Guissona, Vila-seca, Reus , Tamarit, Cambrils, deltebre, Amposta, delta del Ebro, San Carlos de la Ràpita, Tortosa.