Evelyn & Cristian

Romantic wedding in the forest

Romantic wedding in the forest

The wedding of Cristian and Evelyn was a romantic wedding in the woods. We are talking about a very romantic and sensitive couple who came to see us in our studio a year before their wedding. They saw an infinity of photographers and finally decided to choose us. From Oliver & Viladoms Studio we are very happy and above all very grateful for having been chosen to make the wedding photographs of this special couple.

For us all weddings are challenges to overcome, but the romantic wedding in the forest Of these couples it was a greater challenge because talking to Cristian, he told us that he was a big fan of photography. Photography is a very important hobby in his life and to which both dedicated a lot of time and resources to achieve a good result.

When you work for a standard customer, the demands are always high but our case who puts the highest demand is ourselves. In the case of this couple, the demand is multiplied and triggered because you no longer just want to do a great job but you are willing to do a spectacular job, and at that moment everything becomes more complicated. For better or worse, Lluisa and I are very demanding and perfectionist and that adds more pressure to our work.

This romantic wedding in the forest began at the hairdresser where the bride works combing and making up all kinds of people including some brides. We are talking about the Llongueras hairdresser located near the Francesc Macià square in Barcelona, ​​specifically on the number 12 Pau Casals avenue in Barcelona. The bride was very excited that we could photograph those previous moments where her friends made her makeup and combed before this romantic wedding in the forest to be held in the Font de Sant Martí hermitage to Sant Miquel del Corb a la Garrotxa.

Once the make-up and hairdressing Evelyn, the bride, left with her parents to a rural house very close to the Hermitage Font de Sant Martí to Sant Miquel del Corb in the Garrotxa where she would dress girlfriend.

An hour before, in this same rural house near the Hermitage Font de Sant Martí to Sant Miquel del Corb a la Garrotxa was preparing and dressing the groom before moving to the hermitage.

There we photographed the groom while he dressed with his parents, his sister and his little nephew. Finally we made some family photos and some portraits of the groom before he will go to the Ermita Font de Sant Martí in Sant Miquel del Corb in la Garrotxa where a romantic wedding would be celebrated in the forest.

Once the groom left the rural house, the bride arrived and dressed with her parents who helped her with the spectacular dress she had chosen herself. After photographing the rings, the shoes, the earrings and especially the dress we did some portraits to the bride and then we photographed with her parents. Novia was already ready to attend her special romantic wedding in the forest located in the Ermita Font de Sant Martí in Sant Miquel del Corb in La Garrotxa.

The hermitage is a very special place that you find away from the nearby towns by going up a very narrow dirt road surrounded by forest everywhere. It is a very romantic and idyllic place that thrills anyone, no matter how sensitive it may be. It is a space where emotions arise with great force especially if you celebrate your wedding.

As wedding photographers in Barcelona, ​​it was a pleasure to work on this romantic wedding in the forest located in the Ermita Font de Sant Martí in Sant Miquel del Corb en la Garrotxa.


The groom and the guests were already arriving at the Ermita Font de Sant Martí in Sant Miquel del Corb in la Garrotxa. And we began to take natural and spontaneous photographs while the groom greeted his guests. Jermita was decorated with beautiful colorful flowers and rose petals creating a carpet towards the altar. The Font de Sant Martí Hermitage in Sant Miquel del Corb in la Garrotxa is so small that only the priest and the couple can fit. The guests are placed after the stairs sitting on individual chairs from where they can enjoy the ceremony. Next to the hermitage we also found a small pond that also decorated with different rose petals.

Once everything was ready the boyfriend his mother made the entrance walking from the path in the forest that leads to this romantic wedding in the forest.

The obvious, very nervous, greeted everyone as he walked with his guests and climbed the stairs to the altar where the priest was prepared to celebrate this romantic wedding in the forest. After waiting about 15 minutes the girlfriend found the surprise halfway. She came by car but did not know what was waiting for her in the middle of the forest. The groom had prepared a surprise for her. A few months before, the groom ordered a vintage carriage pulled by 1 horse to take the bride and her father to the Ermita Font de Sant Martí in Sant Miquel del Corb in la Garrotxa. As soon as the boyfriend found the surprise he was excited and automatically thought about the great detail that his boyfriend had prepared him.

With this carriage we smoked one more detail with which to complete is Great romantic wedding in the forest. Finally Bethlehem and his father came to the vicinity of the hermitage and there they got out of the carriage to walk towards the altar. The whole family and the guests watched with amazement and emotion the arrival of the bride. meanwhile Christian, the groom, contemplated the scene from the Hermitage. They were very emotional moments for both girlfriend and girlfriend who got emotional as they looked at each other and approached each other. Upon reaching the altar the bride gave a hug to her father who was very excited and placed next to the groom. The ceremony began and while the priest welcomed us we photographed both the bride and groom and the guests of both parties. In such a special environment we decided to divide the work and while one photographer stayed in control of the altar area to photograph the different readings, the other moved freely to capture the landscape and the atmosphere of this romantic wedding in the forest.

All the guests were very excited to see the couple together while the priest performed this intimate ceremony. Boyfriend exchanged glances while enjoying the readings prepared by the groom’s sister during the ceremony. It was time for the rings and the groom’s little nephew had to go up to the altar. Finally seeing that he did not decide to go up, his grandfather took him in his arms and accompanied him up to where the couple were waiting for the rings. At the same time the two witnesses also came up. The couple exchanged the rings And the priest said the mythical phrase: I declare you husband and wife, you can kiss the bride.

The guests applauded effusively and after making the signatures next to the altar the couple went down the stairs while the guests threw the petals. The ceremony of this romantic forest wedding was over.

The bride wears a tight mermaid dress with a nice embroidery that occupies her entire back and an elegant veil. The groom wore a very elegant suit with a bow tie that gave it a modern touch.

After the petals, the guests greeted the couple and left saying goodbye to head towards the restaurant. We are staying with the couple to make a brief photographic session of this romantic wedding the forest.

We decided to take some pictures in the hermitage and next to this spectacular forest. After we approached a carriage we made some images of the couple together with him. The nine embraced and enjoyed this romantic moment.

On our side, we locate two or three special places where we do some couple photographs. Some of them were more emotional photographs and others were more scenic to show the place.

We took pictures holding hands, hugging, under the veil I even The groom raised the bride.

Once we finished the wedding photo shoot of this romantic wedding in the forest, we took the cars and went to the restaurant. Once we arrived at the restaurant, the guests gradually entered the room where they approached a table that had been prepared to know its specific location in the room. It was a small artificial tree from which hung little signs next to some keys. These two posters had the name of each guest written on one side and the table number they were to sit on. This sitting became another special detail of this romantic forest wedding.

The guests sat down in their respective places and we took the opportunity to photograph some expressions, especially of his nephew and his parents were sitting together at the presidential table. When the room was full, the DJ put the song that the couple had chosen for the entrance of their romantic wedding in the forest and quickly entered the room. All the guests turned crazy when they saw the bride and groom, they got up and started dancing and moving their napkins awake to another showing their joy. The couple arrived at the presidential table where they took a seat and discussed the entrance with their parents.

The restaurant served the first course, then the second course, and later began serving the cava to all the guests, it was at this moment when spontaneously both the bride and groom rose from their tables and made a toast to celebrate this romantic wedding in the woods.

The meal was very quiet until the cries of the bride and groom began and the guests got up and came at nine o’clock to congratulate them again.

This romantic wedding in the woods was coming to an end, but before the couple had to cut the cake. The metre approached them and indicated that they would get up and approach the cake that was entering the loop. It is a cake made up of three cakes on a luminous methacrylate where the two dolls were that they would later give to the next couple. The couple took the sword and cut the cake.

After the bride and groom rose from their table and began to distribute the different dolls of the cake. In total there were three deliveries of dolls to three couples of friends who picked up the dolls with great enthusiasm.

After these three deliveries to a girlfriend she also gave her bouquet to her best friend and finally the couple prepared special gifts that they gave to their respective parents. The parents were very happy to receive two trips As thanks to your children.


By the time of the dance the bride and groom had prepared a special dance for their guests. The bride changed her dress and in front of the letters love, the couple made their dance.

The romantic wedding in the woods was a success for Evelyn and Cristian.

From this moment the music party began with him Dj. All the guests started dancing and to finish the album with a spectacular photo we decided to make an image with the rain in the background where the couple embraced and kissed.

This romantic wedding in the forest had come to an end.

We want to thank the couple for choosing us as their wedding photographers in Barcelona.

Thank you very much for trusting us.