Inna & Norman




A meeting point, Barcelona, and a reason, a wedding. Inna and Norman managed to gather nationalities, origins and emotions, all in the same day. A beautiful Destination Wedding in Barcelona that we were lucky enough to witness and live, as their Wedding Photographers.

In the smiles of a couple always lives a story, a life that has already started. On this occasion, our grooms came from remote locations, she, Inna, is from a Russian background and Norman comes from South Africa. Both of them have managed to unite their destinies and their lives in California and build their own place in the world with their four children. Now they wanted to celebrate that home and love built and achieved. A Wedding in a mid-point of the world, a beautiful and cosmopolitan place capable of motivating all their people for the trip, a Wedding in Barcelona.

But back to the children, blonde, beautiful, those four children dressed for the big day would become protagonists, giving away moments of great tenderness, protecting the nerves of his father while waiting for Mom’s arrival, smiling more than ever, simply radiant. The emotion overflowed. Because there was a lot of everything in this beautiful Wedding in Barcelona, but above all, there was a lot of excitement, and nobody tried to hide it, it was the perfect day to let go.

Everything began with laughter and more laughter in the rooms that the girls on the one hand and the boys on the other, had invaded at the Hotel Alma, in Barcelona. The girls did their make-up and combed their hair, they wore brand-new shoes and dresses. The boys, on another floor, tried to make the ties stay straight, while having fun choosing socks full of color that would break the seriousness of their sober shoes. The desire to celebrate and the affection of the guests towards the couple was felt in the environment, towards the whole grooms’ family actually. Guests from all over the world, gathered in Barcelona, to be by the side of their friends, and witness a day in their lives, the day of their wedding.


While Sibaris Catering continued with the preparations of this special Civil Wedding, that was going to be held in Torre dels Lleons, a beautiful enclave, Inna occupied one of their rooms, specially chosen for her, for her preparations, to accommodate her nerves and her Dresses, because there were two, one for the Ceremony and the other for the after party. Inna showed off her blonde hair and her joy, while Norman hid the glassy emotion from his eyes behind the dark rim of his glasses. Everyone was thrilled to see her arrive, to see them together. A perfect couple. Emotion, the feeling repeats itself, the word repeats itself. Possibly the best possible definition for this Civil Wedding in Barcelona “emotion”. And it’s great to have cameras in your hand and be able to sneak in valuable moments like this. Those are some reasons that make us love even more our profession of being Wedding Photographers.

The beautiful Civil Ceremony ended, preceded by beautiful words from the grooms and their closest people. The occasional tear, confident looks and emotion, again, the emotion. The sky shone blue above their heads and the bottles danced between the tables. It was time for the appetizers, food and drinks. And the couple were where they had to be, among their people, enjoying every second. The moments for the pictures were born alone, as their Wedding Photographers in Barcelona we were delighted. The Wedding of Inna and Norman was turning out to be special and vital, emotive and with a lot of energy, elements which we love to work with to create our Wedding Photographs, as well as the Video. We achieved one of our main objectives, to have images of this beautiful Civil Wedding, with total spontaneity. Just like the grooms and everybody who were there, spontaneous and cheerful.


And there was a party full of dances and laughter, toasts and kisses, excitement and dawn. Torre dels Lleons is a perfect setting for a beautiful celebration. Valerie and Africa know this very well, both wedding planners by vocation and passion, both from Weddings Via Vial, they knew how to create a team with all the professionals chosen for this Wedding, including us, their Wedding Photographers in Barcelona, working side by side with such professionals is great for everyone and, of course, for the grooms, who can let go from everything and simply enjoy their day, a unique and very special day, as it should be.

Preparations and expectations materialized all in one day, unique and great. A day that lasted until, little by little, the fatigue started to win. A crazy party ending announced that the day had come to an end, a day that, undoubtedly, all of them would repeat as it happened. This is what their Wedding Photographs tell us, their Wedding Video, with all the emotion and all the joy that a celebration like that represents. A wedding so planned, so sought after and desired, it shows, it feels, that they love each other and want to tell it out loud, among their people. It was a real privilege to be the Wedding Photographers in Barcelona for Inna and Norman, who we need to thank in the first place for the honor letting us of work with and for them and, of course, to wish them the best, which is nothing more than the continuity of that happy life that they already enjoy in California, their home. Barcelona will always keep the memory of your Wedding.