Wedding Church Sant Vicenç de Montalt

Nuria & Christopher

Wedding Church Sant Vicenç de Montalt

Wedding Church Sant Vicenç de Montalt

These are the photographs of a wedding in the church of Sant Vicenç de Montalt.

As Barcelona Wedding Photographers, we like to work at any wedding in the Church of Sant Vicenç de Montalt.

This is the photographic report that our second team of oliver & viladoms studio made this summer at this wedding in the Church de Sant Vicenç de Montalt.

We are talking about the photos of Christopher and Nuria, this couple who decided to make their party at the restaurant Can Mora.

Can Mora is a very nice restaurant that we often go to work with. Can Mora is a perfect place to hold parties or small weddings because it is a very cozy place and its dimensions are not too big, it is a very familiar place with magnificent views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Wedding Church Sant Vicenç de Montalt in Barcelona

If you are thinking of marrying for the church and you choose to do a wedding Sant Vicenç de Montalt, it may be that Can Mora is one of the best venue for its quality and its price and especially its proximity to this town where we find the church of San Vicente Montalt.

As wedding photographers in Barcelona we also like working in the Can Mora de Dalt restaurant.

In this case the wedding was formed by Nuria a girl from Barcelona and Christopher a German boy.

Both the groom and the bride did not want to give excessive prominence to the photographs of their wedding, they simply wanted a record and not have to use or be aware of the photographer at any time. Christopher preferred not to photograph him while he dressed and decided that we would wait for him downstairs at the door of Can Mora restaurant. Once under, we took three family photos very quickly and some instant while the family greeted him. The groom quickly left with his family to the church of San Vicente de Montalt where he would celebrate his wedding.

The family and friends of the groom dressed in a special way to celebrate their wedding Church Sant Vicenç de Montalt. He wore black shoes and a navy blue suit, a white shirt and a blue tie with little dots or yellow polka dots. His mother dressed in a blue skirt and a blue jacket with white polka dots and his father dressed in a navy blue suit, white shirt and a red bow tie to match his glasses.

The sister of the groom who was a blonde girl dressed in a typical dress from Germany with her husband, the brother-in-law of the groom, who put on a traditional suit from his country that consisted of gray socks with green stripes, brown shorts and a navy blue jacket, with a shirt and tie.

As wedding photographers in Barcelona, ​​we enjoy seeing picturesque costumes that help us and motivate us to take pictures that we have never done before, especially for a wedding in Sant Vicenç de Montalt.

Once the bridegroom quickly left for wedding Church Sant Vicenç de Montalt, the bride under her room that we could not access while she was changing and we quickly made her a portrait and some detail photograph like a photograph of her hair and some portrait. Next we made some family photographs with his mother and sister and later with his father. Everything was very fast and we immediately left for the wedding Church Sant Vicenç de Montalt.

Once we got to the wedding Church Sant Vicenç de Montalt, we met the groom at the door of the church while greeting his friends. A few minutes after starting this wedding church Sant Vicenç de Montalt, came the car that took the bride and her father to the back door of the church where they got off and walked to the main door of the church of San Vicente de Montalt There the groom was waiting for them, greeting effusively the father of the bride and the couple entered together through the corridor of the church of San Vicente de Montal to celebrate their wedding.

The couple began to shine their eyes as they approached the altar and especially when they passed near their respective parents. Once they reached the altar, the father welcomed everyone and the ceremony began. For our part as wedding photographers in Barcelona, ​​we made different snapshots and especially very natural while everything was happening. At this time we took advantage of a series of general and panoramic views of the church and some portraits with telephoto of the couple and also of their parents and relatives who were sitting on the first benches of the church of San Vicente de Montal where it was being held. the wedding of Nuria and Christopher.

The moment of the rings arrived, and the priest brought the two witnesses who would witness the exchange of rings between the bride and groom. Then some guests read their respective readings and afterwards if I want the couple they made the first kiss of marriage while the guests applauded this moment.

After the nerves and the emotion boyfriends and witnesses signed and without further delay the couple quickly left the church. All the guests at the wedding came to greet them and at that moment some drops of rain began to fall.

The wedding in the church of Sant Vicenç de Montalt had ended his ceremony.

After greeting the couple, everyone was ready to go to Can Mora.

The guests left the wedding church Sant Vicenç de Montalt to head towards the restaurant Can Mora.

All the guests at the Sant Vicenç de Montalt church wedding, arrived at the Can Mora aperitif and began to enjoy the food and drink that had been prepared for them.

When we arrived at the restaurant we went directly to its garden area in the lower part where we made some natural photographs of the couple. We only had a few minutes to make these pictures but we got natural photos in the Can Mora pool.

As it began to rain at the end of the church wedding ceremony Sant Vicenç de Montalt, from the Can Mora restaurant it was decided to set up the aperitif inside the house.

One of the requests that the bride and groom made to us before their wedding was to make a group photograph in which all of their guests were together, and we did so on the terrace of the Can Mora restaurant.

After taking the photograph all the guests went to the room where the dinner and the party would take place. The menu was in charge of Catering Sauleda.

Sauleda catering is a Catalan catering that works throughout Catalonia, but especially in the province of Barcelona. In this elevation, Sauleda catering prepared a scallop with crispy ham as a first course and a veal with potatoes and vegetables as a second course.

As desserts, the catering Sauleda Prepared a mousse of three chocolates.

As a winery, Sauleda catering prepared wines from the Alella area, which consisted of a Marques de Alella white wine, a black wine Castell del Remei Gotim Bru DO Costers del Segre and a Parxet Brut Nature cava.

Once all the guests were seated at their table, they played music and the boyfriends entered and greeted their friends and family. The first thing the couple did was to take the bus and thank all the guests, both the Catalans and the Germans, for being there with them.

The aunt of the groom also spoke and the different toasts followed one another. After eating the first course, three friends decided to sing a song in German dedicated to the groom.

The dinner at the restaurant Can Mora was very quiet, and after the bride launched her bouquet the first dance began inside the room.

After the first dance between the couple, everyone moved a few meters into a room where the DJ was. There began the party with music and the open bar that lasted until 4:00 in the morning.

As wedding photographers in Barcelona, ​​from oliver and Viladoms we want to thank our boyfriends Nuria and Christopher for trusting us and our second team of photographers to make the report of their wedding day.

Our spanish Version is Fotógrafos bodas Barcelona.