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Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner

What is this?  Everyone asks the same thing, and the answer is very easy, it is an intimate wedding in a unique place.

Elopement Barcelona is to take the plane with your partner and go around the world, until you reach the place where you feel calm, comfortable and ready to get married without any hurry and without nerves.

Elopement Barcelona is the magic of reserving a time only for you and for your intimate wedding.

In your Elopement Barcelona there will be no nerves, no pressures, no worries about the dinner, the aperitif or the guests.  Here you are only the two alone and all the magic and history of the city of Barcelona.

For any couple it is very important to have time for both of them.  When we talk about time we refer to a little while, but to really allocate a quality time for you and your partner.

An Elopement Barcelona is a gift for both of you.

From Oliver and Viladoms Studio, we are experts in photography at Elopement Barcelona, ​​and we can help you with everything that surrounds an elope.

We know different wedding planners based in Barcelona and experts in complete packages to enjoy a magnificent Elopement Barcelona.


They know the best service providers in the city and are able to offer you any type of demand that you have, even if it is the most extravagant that you can think of.

The wedding planners are professionals of weddings, and they know perfectly all the services you need to carry out a magical Elopement Barcelona.

A good wedding planner will give you a good make-up artist, who will take care of your makeup during the day of the elope.

You can also facilitate a Hairdresser who deals exclusively with your hairstyle.  Sometimes brides want to include laborious hairstyles or details in the bride’s headdress.  For all these types of services, it is better not to hire a good hairdresser.


The normal, and more usual in our city, is that foreigners who want to make an Elopement in Barcelona, ​​bring with them the dress of the bride and the suit of the groom.  But sometimes there are other cultures such as China, which can request the service of renting wedding dresses.

A culture like China, usually marry their traditional costume in China, but then the couple can decide what they want to do an Elopement in Barcelona.  If so, you will need a white dress, because when these couples decide to take wedding photographs outside their country, they are very attracted to the idea of ​​doing so with a white wedding dress.  If so, the wedding planner will accompany you to meet the best dressmakers and the best shops where you can rent or even buy a quality wedding dress.

Bridal shoes are also one of the accessories that an expert wedding planner will help you find.  Bridal shoes are usually a very precious accessory for brides and for many of them it is very difficult to find the perfect pair.

An expert wedding planner will also offer you different spaces where you can celebrate your intimate ceremony.

Our city is a perfect place to celebrate your best Elopement Barcelona.

You can choose between the beach of the Mediterranean Sea that go to the shores of Barcelona or the magnificent mountains that therefore this land, two suggestions could be the mountains of Montserrat or the mountains of Montseny.

Choose the best wedding planner that you can afford.  This fact will assure you a quality Elopement Barcelona, ​​with many opportunities and different qualities.

It is very likely that you need a bridal bouquet, updated with the colors you want to combine. The wedding planners know many florists and boutiques dedicated exclusively to floral decoration for brides.

You will also need the rental of a vehicle, which can transport you from the Hotel to the place you choose to celebrate your intimate ceremony.  If you also want to make a small photographic tour of the city, you will also need this vehicle to move from one place to another and thus be able to make the photo shoot as quickly and conveniently as possible.

Your wedding planner will also be in charge of advising you on the different options that you can choose so that your Elopement Barcelona is as personal as possible.  We all like to be able to do things our way and at our own pace.  Everything is easier, if by your side you have a person who knows the culture and the city of Barcelona well.


As PHOTOGRAPHERS WEDDING BARCELONA, we have worked in many different places.  We know most of the spaces and we can communicate in English.

In addition to being able to celebrate your elope on the beach or the mountain, you can also choose spaces as unique and unique as the Güell park, the Pedrera, the Batlo house, or the recently opened Gaudí space: the Bellesguard Tower.

If you hire an excellent wedding planner, I’m sure you’ll also be offered incredible places like the following: the Bell Reco, the Castell de Sant Marcal, the Can Magí or the Torre dels Lleons.

In the photographs of this Post of our Blog, we started by showing images of an intimate ceremony of an Elopement Barcelona carried out in the private house called the Torre de Bellesguard.

The groom of the bride arrived together from the Hotel, from where a private luxury car moved them to this location. The small altar was already prepared and the two chairs for the couple as well. The setting is amazing.

The master of ceremonies is ready to receive them.

The bride and groom get out of the car and walk up to the altar, the master of ceremonies welcomes them and invites them to sit down.

The celebrant gives a brief explanation of the environment and what is going to happen next. He talks extensively about the couple’s relationship and above all about love.

A love that has taken this couple from Australia to our city to celebrate an Elopement Barcelona.

From Oliver and Viladoms Studio we are experts in videos and films of Elopement Barcelona.

To all the couples that hire us as photographers, we give them the option of hiring a video of their elope.

While the master of ceremonies continues with this fictitious ceremony in the open air, we are moving from one place to another in order to obtain different points of view that reflect and tell the story of this day.

The space in which we find ourselves was made by the architect Gaudí, and therefore we have many creative and aesthetic possibilities to carry out our work in the best possible way.

Our way of thinking, leads us in the first place, to capture general and descriptive images, which help contextualize and locate the space where the couple are.

Little by little, we get closer and we capture images at 45 m that make the space and the actions that are taking place much more concrete.

Finally, we get closer to the subjects and the actions, to finish even using macro objectives, which are able to show us images as close as it can be, that of composing a single eye in the whole rectangle of the image.

In this case we approached to photograph an embroidered detail of the bride’s dress, which was on her shoulder, next to one of her tattoos.

The ceremonies of the elope are usually very intimate and very brief.  The only witnesses are the photographer, the Video camera and the Wedding planner.

Once the ceremony was finished in this house built by the architect Antoni Gaudí, we started with the couple photo shoot.

In this case we had the exclusivity of the space therefore we can work alone and quiet. The couple had a lot of desire to take pictures and we could see and walk around the whole area.

Exploring, I found a closed space full of leaves and invited the couple to enter inside.  The light that came to her was soft and when I tilted the camera I was able to get a very pretty picture of the leaves illuminated by the light of the sky while the couple were kissing.

Climb the stairs that lead to a second level, and from there take a cut image in which we can appreciate the shoes of the groom, the shoes of the bride, the bouquet of the bride, the veil of the bride and the stones of the pavement that  designed the architect Gaudí.

While the lips were kissing, take a picture in which we can appreciate the detail of the bracelet of diamonds worn by the bride and the ring of diamonds that the bridegroom gave the bride as a wedding ring.  It is a suggestive image that tells the road to finally reach this Elopement Barcelona.

After taking some natural photographs walking around the surroundings and the garden of the Bellesguard Tower, we decided to enter the house where we took an image of the spectacular architecture while the couple kissed.

After climbing three floors by very narrow stairs, we reached the top of the house, where we took a portrait of the groom looking out the window while the bride was behind, in the background, sitting in a vintage chair.  This space, is unfinished, because the owners of the time were left without a budget.

In any case it is a space of work seen of a singular beauty.

Finally we decided to go up the exterior stairs, which took us to the tower where we took an iconic image for oliver viladoms studio.

It is an image in which the bride and groom are together up in the tower with a spectacular sky and full of clouds in the background. It is a photograph of contrapicado in which the groom kisses the forehead of the bride.

From this point, we can also observe the dragon that Antonio Gaudí architecturally left on the facade of this building. This is a mark that the architect leaves in all his constructions. Sometimes more obvious and sometimes less copies, but in this case it is a  huge span.

We finished the photo session in this house of the architect Gaudí, and the couple asked us to accompany them to the holy family, to continue with this photographic report of their Elopement in Barcelona.

Once we reached the holy family, we got out of the car and approached the facade to take a romantic image of the couple together with the facade.

The next point to continue with the photo session, was the Gothic neighborhood of Barcelona.

We mixed among the crowd of tourists and locals while we were taking natural snapshots through the streets of the old Gothic quarter.

The streets of the Gothic quarter are picturesque streets full of history.

If I could only choose a place to take photographs of any Elopement Barcelona, ​​I would undoubtedly choose the streets of the Gothic quarter of Barcelona.

We walk and take pictures through different alleys, until we reach the Plaza del Rey, where the church of Santa agata is located.

There, we climbed the stairs until we reached the door of the church where we took some more conceptual photographs.

We continue through the streets that face the back of the cathedral of Barcelona, ​​and we enter a very close cloister. Here we take some general snapshots and climb the stairs to the top where we continue with the photos of this Elopement Barcelona.

The wedding planner accompanied us for most of the time the photo session lasted.

We crossed the square of the Cathedral of Barcelona and accompanied the couple to the reception of the hotel where they were staying.

The couple chose the Hotel Colón to spend their days in Barcelona.

There, the wedding planner was waiting for us.  It seemed that elopement Barcelona had ended.

For many years we have known the wedding planner, and with all confidence, she asked us to go up to the bride and groom’s room.  We agreed, and in a few minutes we were there.

Actually, what I wanted was for us to take a photograph in the room, but when we examined it, we realized that it was not too photogenic.  We went to the balcony and saw the light.

The room of the couple had a small terrace was directly to the square of the cathedral and from where we saw perfectly the entire facade of the cathedral of Barcelona.

We decided to take a picture on the terrace.

We tell the bride and groom their position, and we prepare the camera to take the picture.  When we realized it, we realized that it was too static, and we decided to move it.

I asked the Wedding Planner to help us with the veil.  I launched it up several times, and finally we got an image that we liked.

The photo report was over, and with it I also finish this Elopement Barcelona.

We want to thank all couples who trust us and our work to accompany them in these special moments of their lives. Many thanks!