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best wedding videos Barcelona

Best wedding videos Barcelona

Best wedding videos Barcelona

This is one of the best wedding videos Barcelona we have seen so far.

After having delivered our photographs, many of our clients consider us as the BEST PHOTOGRAPHERS BARCELONA.

Best wedding video Barcelona

From Oliver and Viladoms Studio, we have more than 25 years of experience in all types of wedding reports, as well as PHOTOGRAPHS BODA BARCELONA and VIDEOS BODA BARCELONA.


From our humble opinion, we believe that all Video cameras editors and videographers can become at some point in the best wedding videos Barcelona.

It is a matter of hard work and continuous training of technique and creativity together.

All of us who dedicate ourselves to this, we should know that really in each job we become the best Wedding Videos Barcelona.

How can this be?  Will someone ask?

Our answer is very simple.  For the client who hired us, at that time, we are the best wedding videos Barcelona with which you can work and share those moments.

We work hard to get exciting wedding videos and the best wedding videos Barcelona.

We always recommend all our wedding couples, who try to hire a good team of video cameras capable of making the best wedding videos Barcelona.

From oliver viladoms studio we have a small team of four video cameras that we trust blindly.  They are always the same video cameras, which perform all our best wedding videos Barcelona.

These four Video cameras get the most exciting wedding videos we’ve ever made.

We recommend that the couple, whenever they can, contract a minimum of two video cameras.

The final result is significantly better.

Our best wedding videos Barcelona are made mostly by two video camera operators.  The most appropriate and most complete way to capture emotions in one of our exciting wedding videos, almost always involves a team of two people.

Four eyes see more than two.  It is a very obvious and very simple phrase but totally full of reason.

A wedding carries a lot of responsibility.

If you only hire a photographer from a video camera, the responsibility falls entirely on them, but if you can hire two photographers and two video cameras, the responsibility is shared.

To get the best wedding videos Barcelona creativity is necessary.

If there is only one member on each team, all the work falls on the team and therefore nothing important can be lost.  This makes her very attentive to everything that is happening everywhere around her, but at the same time that it keeps her very awake, this pressure also adds a lot of tension.

Tension is the worst enemy of creativity.

And without creativity you can not get exciting wedding videos and even less the best wedding videos Barcelona.

This is just one of the important reasons why it is worth hiring two people for photography and two people to make the video.

Another important reason why hiring two video cameras and thus get the best wedding videos Barcelona, ​​is that four arms can do more than two things.

Again another simple and obvious phrase but again with all reason.

A single Video camera can not carry the camera, the monkey stand, the bag with the lenses and the replacement cameras, the slider, the steadycam, the drone and the tripod.

And if you can not carry all these tools, you can not use them either.  Therefore the final result of the Video will not be the same as what we will achieve if two Video cameras come.

Only if we hire two Video cameras, we can handle all these accessories and all this heavy stuff to get the best Wedding videos Barcelona.

While one of the cameras can be dedicated to record everything that is happening, the other can plan the recording and mounting of different accessories so they can be used at specific times.

By using all this great variety of accessories, you get to enrich the Video in such a way that you will finally get one of the best Wedding Videos Barcelona.

All couples who are planning their future wedding, should know and keep in mind that the money they invest will be directly proportional to the quality of the result they obtain.

If Barcelona wedding photography or the best wedding videos in Barcelona are not among your first priorities, it does not matter, but you should be aware that the result you will get after the wedding can be very different from the one imagined.

In the Video that we find specifically in this Post of our blog, we can see how one of the best wedding videos Barcelona begins.  The first image of the video is what the bride appears while the maquiladora team is doing its job.  The bride rented the room from one of the best hotels in Barcelona because she had a large area where the bride, the girlfriends of the bride, the daughters of the bride, the sisters of the bride, the mother of the bride, and the ladies  of honor could be installed together with the team of four maquiladoras.

It was not about videotaping the classic preparations of a girlfriend, but of a whole group of girls at the same time.  As video cameras, we were very attentive at all times to capture all the interactions between the bride, family and friends in order to tell the story that happened at that time.

The bride’s room, the girls were going from one place to another while a team of maquiladoras and hairdressers were working on them.

The ambience of the room was very dark since the walls are painted in dark gray and there were only two balconies through which a very soft light and some small lamp that barely illuminated entered.

For our part, as producers of some of the best wedding videos in Barcelona, ​​we are perfectly equipped and our assistant connected an extra light to illuminate the guests who were in the darkest areas of the bride’s room.

Some girls read, others looked at the phone, and some closed their eyes to rest a few moments.

We present the room with some diffuse images of the bride and continue with some general shot that we made thanks to the help of a video accessory called Slider.  This accessory helps us to perform lateral camera movements or from front to back to obtain a smooth but dynamic image while presenting a space.

We continued with a detailed plan of the hands of the bride in which we could see the ring of fiancée and And immediately we showed the face of the bride while the makeup artist made her up.

Then we take some close shots of the faces of the daughters of the bride, the nieces of the bride and the rest of the guests, without forgetting the mother of the bride and the sister of the bride.

At the same time, we started using post-production in one of the best wedding videos Barcelona.  We begin to introduce small cuts of the speech of the little son of the bride.  The little one made a speech that has turned this Video into one of our favorite weddings videos.

Then we continue with images of the preparations in the groom’s room.

In those pictures of the groom’s room, we can see how the groom put on the watch the groom, buttoned his shirt and put on the groom’s shoes.

The girls stayed in the bride’s room while the boys changed and got ready in the boyfriend’s room.  We captured and recorded very beautiful images while the groom exercised as a father and put the tie to his two small children.


This wedding video can be a good example of a WEDDING WITH CHILDREN.


We believe that this video is about one of the most exciting wedding videos we have recorded, because in it we find images as tender and exciting as those of a son helping to tie his father, who in this case was the groom.

We continue inserting short images of the exciting speech of the son of the bride, and then insert an image of the groom fastening the bow tie to the son of the bride.

Once the bride and the maquiladoras finished all the work, they all moved to the bride’s room in the Torre dels Lleons.

The tower of the lions is the farm where this couple will celebrate together with their children a civil ceremony in the outdoor gardens, and an outdoor dinner in front of the house.

In the best wedding videos Barcelona, ​​you can not miss images of the preparations for the ceremony. Plans and plans against the assembly of the ceremony and the floral decoration that was there.  The white chairs placed in the shape of a moon left a corridor in the middle that began with an archway that was more than 2 m high and completely covered with green leaves and white flowers.  The corridor through which the couple would walk was completed by small bunches of white flowers tied to the central chairs.

All these details help to obtain a romantic atmosphere and results in images of exciting wedding videos.

In the best wedding videos of Barcelona you can not miss the images and plans while the groom and his mother make the entrance to the ceremony.

In this case before the groom, the son of the groom made the entrance with the eldest daughter of the bride.  They entered very happy and smiling while the rest of the guests coming from all over the world watched us carefully in this case before the groom, they made the entrance of the son of the groom with the eldest daughter of the bride.  They entered very happy and smiling while the rest of the guests coming from all over the world watched them excited.

For a wedding to be as participatory as possible, the solution is to invite your friends, your children and your closest relatives to be part of it by intervening directly.

For us, the best wedding videos in Barcelona always have this feature.

Then the two sons also went in together.  The son of the groom and the son of the bride sent together down the aisle until they reached the altar.

Finally he made his entrance of the groom and then 1 × 1 bridesmaids with their partners.

All this movement of people loved by the couple, so we find ourselves before some exciting wedding videos.

Finally the two nieces of the bride made their entrance, while they were throwing some white rose petals.

The groom waits at the altar with his two children.

Finally, the bride and the father of the bride left the house of the Torre dels Lleons and moved slowly to the end of the hall where the boyfriend despaired.

We continue recording images of the first banks, where we find the closest relatives and we continue taking some general plans of the civil ceremony with the help of this accessory called slider.

The master of ceremonies introduced the couple, and after a few words was introducing the different guests to read the lines they had dedicated especially for the couple.

The best wedding videos in Barcelona almost always consist of two Video camera operators.  In this way, as happened in this particular wedding, on camera he could record all the speeches while the other camera could record plans of the reactions of the couple and the rest of the guests.

It’s a way of working and I’m going to make professional wedding videos with which you make sure you do not leave anything important to record.  It’s more you get exciting weddings videos.

After all the parliaments and readings that the different relatives made during the civil ceremony in exteriors, it was time for the exchange of the rings.

We made a very subjective shot of the detail of the hands of the couple while holding the rings.

The time chosen to celebrate this civil ceremony was not very accurate, since the sun was still quite hard and the lighting did not help us to obtain smooth images.

Something to keep in mind for future civil celebrations is the fact of setting a good time to celebrate them.

From Oliver and Viladoms Studio, we recommend the last two hours before sunset to start a civil ceremony outdoors.  In this way we ensure an angle and a quality of light that will help our video become one of the best Wedding videos Barcelona.

Light is very important in human emotions, and following this advice we can also be able to get exciting wedding videos.

The couple exchanged their rings while they looked at each other, and then smiled, looking at the rest of the guests there.

On our part, we continue introducing video cuts while the bride’s son explains excitedly the positive impact that the arrival of the boyfriend had on their lives.

The couple in the first kiss of married, and then the ceremony is terminated.

The guests approach the bride and groom to throw the rose petals while they smile happily advancing.

The best wedding videos Barcelona we always find many pictures and plans in which the bride and groom are full, full of life and smiling continuously.

All the guests came to congratulate the couple, who were surrounded by their four children.

After a few minutes, the aperitif started and the couple and their children moved quietly to the other side of the tower of the lions where we can make some group photographs among them.

We ask the couple to have a leisurely walk and at the same time we record different planes of natural images.

All our best wedding videos Barcelona, ​​are natural and spontaneous videos.

The couple did not want to dedicate too much time to this type of images, so we were very fast working.

We use all our resources, including the steadycam.  The steadycam is a video accessory that allows us to perform fluid movements around the couple or even follow up in a very smooth way.

The appetizer started, the musicians played the guitar and sang live while the guests talked to each other.  The best wedding videos Barcelona, ​​from our point of view, there should always be images of the guests chatting during the aperitif and having a good time.  There should also be images of some buffets and dishes, of which in this case, Síbaris catering.  Those in charge of the management and gastronomy of Torre dels Lleons, are Sibaris Catering.

We went down to the outside, where Síbaris catering had made the assembly of the open-air lounge in the Torre dels Lleons.  There we took general images of the room, and we approached the different tables to record the floral decoration, the cutlery, the plates, the chairs and to take some picture of the minutes where the menu that you would like was written below.

A professional video we believe should tell the story, but without forgetting to show the spaces and all the details that form them.  In this way you will end up getting the best Wedding Videos Barcelona.

The guests sat down and the bride and groom made their entrance.  The speeches began and the emotion reached everyone. There was excitement in all the guests, friends, young people, adults, boys and girls.  Even we as photographers and video cameras whenever exciting moments happen, we get contagious and we get excited together with the people who are living that moment.

This is one of the circumstances why we continually record and get exciting wedding videos.

Exciting good videos are part of us.

It is so important aspect of emotion, is one of the main characteristics why we have the best wedding videos Barcelona.

The dinner was full of speeches by everyone, guests, friends, children and even the couple.

Finally all the guests moved to the cellar, the place where the first dance of the couple would take place.

The best video of Barcelona was already done, but before we had the last part, the part of the party.

The groom of the bride began their first dance and then the music went from being slow, to becoming very fast.  All the guests enjoyed the first dance of the couple and immediately joined them.

This is undoubtedly one of our best wedding videos Barcelona.

We want to thank very intensely the work of our friend and wedding Planner, Valerie O’Donoghue of Weddings Via Val, your wedding planner in Barcelona, ​​for trusting in us and in our work to make one of the best Wedding Weddings Barcelona we have ever done  .

Many thanks!!!