Nausica & Daniel

Wedding with Children

Wedding with Children

Wedding with Children

Enjoy your wedding with children in the Torre dels Lleons. This could be the slogan that the Torre dels Lleons could use to promote its farmhouse next to Barcelona where you could make a wedding with your children by Barcelona Wedding Photographers.

Actually we are in front of the photographic report that from oliver and Viladoms studio we made for the lovely couple called Dani and Nausicaa who together with their children celebrated a magnificent wedding in the Torre dels Lleons de Barcelona.

We are WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS IN BARCELONA And we love working with children. As professional photographers we are not very proud when a couple like Dani and Nausicaa hired us to make their wedding and told us how their children would be present at all times and form a very important part of your wedding in Torre dels Lleons very close to Barcelona.

This situation is not something that happens to us every week, but a wedding with children has become something more and more common in Barcelona. More and more couples are celebrating a wedding with children and they hire us as wedding photographers in Barcelona to immortalize this great moment.

Photographing a wedding with children for us is very fun and becomes a challenge every time it happens. In weddings with children you not only have to worry about the couple and their closest family but the protagonists multiply and acquire much more importance than the actual couple.

Weddings with children we love, They are much more dynamic and the couple are always much more natural and less concerned about their appearance. Children, at weddings with children are the main and most important.

For our part, as wedding photographers in Barcelona, ​​whenever you photograph a child this becomes a challenge. Children are very moved and, as is logical, they go their own way, so you have to be continuously looking at where they are and what they do. At any moment a large photo can emerge.

Specifically, in this wedding with children, Dani the groom, dressed in his home in Barcelona with his best friends and his son. Funny moments arose as in which Dani had to put the diaper on and dress her little son up and down. It was not an easy task but we all had a great time.

At this time it was like being in a movie where there was no girlfriend, only four men who had to dress a single child. As usual he ended up doing it only Dani while his four friends enjoyed watching a gin and Tonic. Finally he got it and everyone offered to congratulate Dani.

As wedding photographers in Barcelona we were continuously taking snapshots that ended up forming a small report while the groom got dressed. Once all ready, the groom and his friends moved to the Torre dels Lleons where the civil ceremony would be held.

This wedding with children had only just begun.

Meanwhile the bride arrived at the Torre dels Lleons where she had to dress. From the Torre dels Lleons had prepared the room for the couple so that the bride and daughter could prepare. In this wedding with children, the children were divided and while the groom took care of his young son, the bride had to take care of her eldest daughter.

It was very funny to take pictures while the bride was being combed and made up and at the same time had her daughter next to whom they did the same. While this process was taking place, we photographed some details such as the engagement ring or the bride’s dress.

We hung the dress from the tree that was located outside the house, next to the altar, where the civil ceremony of this wedding with children would take place in the Torre dels Lleons de Barcelona.

Once the bride and her daughter were already combed and made up, they dressed and made some pictures with their parents and their closest family. In all the weddings with children they ask us the same, they do not want to pose, they just want a newspaper photo where The atmosphere and the emotions that everyone experienced are perceived.

Although the bride was from Greece, the delivery of the bouquet was carried out by a friend of the groom in the way we did in Catalonia. A verse or a small piece of writing dedicated to the bride was read and then the bouquet of flowers was handed over.

In this wedding with children, all the guests were eagerly waiting to see all the members of the family. The boyfriend arrived first at the civil ceremony and there he began to greet and to receive all his friends and relatives carrying his son on his back. Once everyone was in their seat, the groom made his entrance carrying his little son in his arms. In a wedding with children you can clearly perceive the joy that children transmit and life to everyone.

In a few minutes the bride left the room holding her father’s arm and made her entrance to the ceremony. The daughter of the couple saw him with his grandparents. As is logical, the first thing that happened in this wedding with children once the parents were together, is that the child wanted to be in the arms of his mother.

The civil ceremony began, and after a presentation by the justice of the peace, the different readings and speeches addressed to the couple and their children began. Normally, in a wedding without children, the bride and groom are watching each other listening and enjoying the ceremony, but at a wedding with children everything is different. In any wedding with children in which these are tiny, parents are totally aware of them and very funny situations occur. The couple still enjoy the wedding, but as in everyday life their main concern is focused on their children.

And the children went up and down, to their air while the ceremony continued. The moment of the exchange of rings arrived and the small son did not want to get out of the arms of his mother, so the couple had to exchange their rings being three.

For our part as wedding photographers in Barcelona, ​​from oliver viladoms studio it was not our first wedding with children, but it was our first wedding with children in the Torre dels Lleons.

Finally the civil ceremony ended and the couple and their children left the hall while the guests threw the petals to the four of them. The whole family came to congratulate the couple and enjoyed the hugs of their guests for 20 minutes. Then the waiters began to distribute the cava And the aperitif started. Síbaris catering is a catering with 20 years of history, characterized by its quality gastronomic offer. SiBaris Catering, has always been a catering that moved to any restaurant or private estate to celebrate all kinds of events, but for a few years it took control of the Torre dels Lleons.

The Torre dels Lleons was previously run by others, but since Síbaris catering manages everything has improved and has changed a lot, now the quality standards are of excellence which before was not the same.

We are always happy to work in the Torre dels Lleons, as wedding photographers in Barcelona we work very comfortable and all the staff of Síbaris catering makes it very easy for us to obtain our best results as photographers.

This farm also formerly called Castell de Picalquers, is located in Plaza Carolina one-three of the population of Esplugas de Llobregat in Barcelona. Your contact telephone number is 936754 051 and your contact e-mail is síbaris@sí if, on the contrary, you want to contact the catering directly, you must go to the Avenida de las Corts Catalans number five-seven in San Cugat del Vallès or call 936 754 051

Returning to the thread of this wedding with children, while the guests enjoyed the aperitif we and the couple began the photographic report of the couple. The couple did not want practically their photographs, only something testimonial. What was essential was to take some family photographs of the four.

After the photographic report with their children, the couple returned to the aperitif with their guests. A part of our team stayed with them photographing the atmosphere of the appetizer, the hugs and the different small groups that were formed, while the other part of the team went down to the lounge that Síbaris catering had set up outdoors in the Torre dels Lleons.

The gastronomic offer of the Torre dels Lleons and Síbaris catering much liked both the local guests on the part of the groom, and the Greek guests who came on behalf of the bride.

Once the aperitif was finished, all the guests went down to the bottom where the living room was mounted and waited for the couple. In a few minutes the DJ put the music and the couple went down the stairs that took them to the presidential table where the whole wedding I was waiting applauding. It was a splendid night in the Torre dels Lleons.

The dinner of this wedding with children in Torre dels Lleons was very calm and at the same time very fun. The cake was not cut or dolls were distributed as is the tradition here in Catalonia, but it was a quiet dinner, but in which there were several speeches. The speeches were first and foremost by the bride and groom to thank all their guests and family members for attending their wedding, since half of them had moved from Greece.

Other guests and friends made some speeches in which they talked about the couple and also about their children. It was especially exciting the speech of the best friend of the groom and partner in his company. Finally, once the dinner was over, a special dance took place. It’s about the Sirtaki. The Sirtaki is a popular dance of Greek origin created by Giorgios Provias. Stanza was created in 1964 for the famous movie Zorba the Greek, in which the main actor was Anthony Quinn.

It was the actor himself who in a television interview explained how he was doing was, he could not dance because he had a knee problem and it occurred to him to drag his leg to make some scenes from the movie. This is how this dance began, characterized above all by its acceleration. At present, this dance has become one of the cultural attractions of Greece and also of the Greek-style taverns that can be found in all parts of the world.

At a certain moment after the speeches the boyfriend and one of the guests went up the four stairs that are in front of the presidential table and began to dance this characteristic Greek dance with the Torre dels Lleons in the background. Little by little, many guests came to see the dance more closely and in the end the dance was formed by more than 25 guests who were also finally joined by the girlfriend who danced Sirtaki with the groom.

This characteristic dance helped to create a special moment in this wedding with Daniel and Nausica’s children in the Torre dels Lleons de Barcelona.

After enjoying this dance, the DJ put the music and the couple began the first dance that would open the party in the Torre dels Lleons.

As usual, everyone moved to the lower part of the farm where the room called la cava is located and there they enjoyed the music and the open bar until 5:00 in the morning.

The party was a success and this wedding with children became one of the most beautiful we have lived.

As wedding photographers in Barcelona, ​​from oliver viladoms studio we want to thank this couple for having trusted us to photograph and accompany them on such an important day for them. Thank you very much for sharing with us all your emotions.