About Us

About Us

I’m Lluïsa Viladoms

Lluïsa Viladoms

Lluïsa is the demanding and resolutive motor that advances and moves our study forward.

Sincere and clear at all times, convey a trust and honesty so transparent you will hardly find elsewhere.

Your empathy and commitment to others is a sincere and unique value that raises the personal and professional level of Oliver & Viladoms Studio.

All these elements make her a very open person / photographer with a creativity very different from usual.

Wedding Photographer
lluisa viladoms fotografo barcelona
lluis oliver fotografo barcelona

I’m Lluís Oliver

Lluís Oliver

My passion is to see happiness in others and to be able to freeze it in an image forever.

Give the opportunity to enjoy again and again this moment, for me is the essence of my work.

I am discreet and sensitive personality is the one that gives way to a natural and elegant style that is not out of fashion.

The inner sadness is the engine that pushes me to seek relentlessly the moments and gestures of joy and happiness in others. This is my weakness and my strength.

Wedding Photographer



It seems a joke but it’s just like that, we are a couple of wedding photographers that are called Lluís and Lluïsa. The mother of Lluïsa is called Lluïsa, and my father, let’s see if you guess … exactly, he is called Lluís, but with our children this had to end.

We are the parents of twins who were born in Barcelona, but we do not know yet if they will be wedding photographers, musicians or firefighters. This duo are called Marc and Jan, and they have put our quiet lives upside down. Sometimes I look at our dog Deni and tell him: “how quiet were we before?” No one pulled your tail, nor did eat your food, nor slept in your bed… but on the other hand we now have two times the hugs we had before and you take twice as many treats, so we can’t complain so much. :))

After three years exhausted and fatigued, going to bed at 8 o’clock at night and taking advantage of every possible minute to rest, we are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel and to enjoy more intensely with our children.

The problems will always exist, but now we want to live every moment and enjoy our family to the fullest.

PS: As well as explaining our personal history, we also have to feed our twins and our dog; Alfonso who takes care of our web, has recommended that we put some word for google, so, as I am a clueless, I will put it here: wedding photographers in Barcelona.

Thank you very much for your time.

A hug!