A photo session for two

Far from spoiled watches that seem to eat the hours there is a place designed to recreate in time, the time between the two of you. A place chosen with care, affection and a delicate plastic vision, in which we will be, our cameras and the history that together we want to tell. We are talking about a very special photo session that is the post-wedding session. Because the day of the wedding happens very fast and is full of moments and people who do not want to lose any second and can not be everywhere. Because you can not stop that day for your photos. And, above all, because you deserve this end of party, this special brooch that closes a unique stage in your life. A few photographs taken care of to the maximum as colophon of an unforgettable Wedding.

A post-wedding is a perfect time to go back and dress as bride and groom. Let’s enjoy that dress as if there was no end, no matter if it gets stained or twisted. It is not necessary that you tie your tie, or even that you wear it. You can be the couple that in the end you wanted to be. Let the wind get your hair tangled, or the beard stick out a couple of days. What you most want. We will seek with the maximum care the best corners, the best light, the perfect framing. Because we have the most important thing, we have time. Time to create photographs of a different, special beauty. The time of the wedding marks the rhythm of work and this is how it should be, now we make the rules, couple and photographers, now the day belongs to us, and we can play with it at our whim. Let’s have fun.

We will choose an enclave that you like, that has meaning for you or, simply, because it is a place of special beauty. We will pursue the sunset splashing the air, reflected in your faces already relaxed and delivered to your particular session. You have permission to be funny, romantic, playful, steal kisses, run barefoot, do not let go of your hand. Everything you want. While we, always attentive, will pursue that gesture, that look, that moment, we will pursue the perfect photography.

This enclave can be urban, because the streets of Barcelona, or the city you choose always keep surprising corners. We can go to the beach, the coast surrounds us and it is wonderful. Maybe you like your post-wedding session in full nature, with the green as a backdrop. There are as many possibilities as your imagination wants. Because our house is in Barcelona, but we will follow you, without a doubt, where you want to go. No hurry, with maximum respect for our profession of professional photographers and, above all, with the still fresh memory of your Wedding, with the feelings hanging around the house. Without a doubt, your post-wedding photographs will be an incredible and very special memory.