More than just a ceremony, a promise

The day of your wedding is the result of months of preparation, of weeks of content nerves, the perfect dress, the perfect menu, the decoration, the guest list … Even with the help of a good wedding planner it is quite an experience. But we can not be fooled, the great reason that has led you to that great day is none other than the illusion of a promise, an “I do”, stronger than all those pronounced before. For that beautiful and powerful reason, the Ceremony is a crucial moment, unique instants in which emotions are so concentrated that can almost be touched. Our cameras know it, and they catch those unrepeatable seconds that speak without a voice. Gestures full of truth, affection and complicity, they tell everything about you. Our job is to hide between the corners and stay attentive to bring every emotion to the lens, and transform every moment into an image.

Every ceremony has a particular rhythm. The common denominator of all of them are  the extolled feelings and the nervous laughter, but without a doubt all of them are different. As Wedding photographers, at Oliver & Viladoms Studio, we think it is important to know well the type of ceremony that you are going to celebrate, in order to pay special attention to the important details of each one. For a couple that celebrates a Religious Wedding certain moments have priority over a couple who chooses a Civil Ceremony. They are different ways of telling the same story. Even within the religious ceremonies we like to know the idiosyncrasy of each creed, so that, with a simple look at the wedding photography, it is perfectly clear whether it has been officiated by a Christian, Protestant or Jewish rite, or the confession that is. It is your Wedding it has to feel that way, especially in a moment of such emotional charge like the Ceremony.

That is why we take our time getting to know the location where it is going to take place, even if it is an Elopement, where the Ceremony may not be real, for us as if it was. We always make sure to study the angles, look for frames, pursue the light, even in small enclosures, or to invent shadows in broad daylight. All this without you noticing our presence because, above all, we want to reflect what is happening, document your wedding without interfering at any time.

The pictures of your Ceremony are special, they allow you to live what happened seen from the outside, adding more emotion to a special moment. In addition, in most ceremonies the couple is usually placed backwards to the people, and can’t see most things. And for us it is like a gift to be able to show you the reactions of your family, of your friends, gestures full of joy and truth. To live your Ceremony through photographs fruit of spontaneity is an experience that you can not miss. We will be happy to tell you all about it.