Your Wedding, the sum of thousand details

Even the most discreet of objects has its meaning. You have been imagining your wedding starting with the big thing, but have ended up getting to the smallest thing. The details are what differentiate a Wedding from the others, one Bride from another. Two brides can wear the same dress and get no one to notice it, because each one of those women wraps it with its own scent, wears it with needle sandals or with wide heels, it loosens her hair or picks it up, shows beautiful earrings or exhibits tattoos. It’s a matter of details. And the same thing happens with every aspect of the Wedding. The enclave that the bride and groom choose for their celebration seems to be transformed, changing color, because the floral arrangements change it completely, the entire decoration is able to move the same place to another time. It’s magical, and it’s a matter of details.

In Oliver & Viladoms Studio we know that all those details have a great importance, precisely because they personalize your Wedding, and we do not want anything to escape us, that none of those pieces of your particular puzzle go unnoticed. That’s why we love that you tell us everything. We will take good note and every important detail will have its own photograph, a beautiful photograph, impregnated with freshness that will give that detail the outstanding place it deserves in your Wedding Report.

To some extent photographing details is like recreating paintings, in which the pieces of those still lives are now the alliances or the ring of request, perhaps that special bouquet with the flowers chosen with extreme care next to the pin of the proud best man, a fantastic headdress, a jewel with history, some different cuff links. Dressing the bride and groom is more than just dressing them, it is giving them a personality, their own.

That personality is what permeates the entire Wedding, involving all attendees. That is why it is so important and before the living room is full of people, we will take care of the decoration of the tables, the dishes you have chosen, the centers and arrangements that adorn each corner, very personal details like thank you cards, or the special way in which you advertise the menu. Lights, candles, an imagined environment and, finally, taken to reality, a reality that belongs to you and is special. That day needs to be observed and conserved forever.

The same church and it surprises us again, it seems another one. Again the details show its importance and its power to transform spaces and move anyone who is there to the place where the couple want to be on their wedding day. Even the arrival of the Bride is a very different experience in each case, because each couple has looked for their way to start, on foot or by car, while in the background their music sounds, that music and no other, their lights, children of earnest bearers of treasures playing a great role and capable of spontaneous gestures of an incalculable value.

So many details, so many photographs waiting to be captured, the same happens with the Wedding video, where in addition to what you see we can tell what is heard and raise the intensity of the feeling. Your wedding is different because you are, and we want to tell everything, even the smallest detail.