The Couple

The Couple

A day to enjoy being the couple

A word that wants to sound old if it is pronounced slowly, but that contains a great meaning and summarizes what you are, at least on this day. Two people who have decided to go a step further, climb a step up the level of commitment to look from above and without fear. That’s why a wedding is joy and it’s beauty, it’s freshness and tenderness, it’s true, and that’s how we want your couple photographs to be.

In Oliver & Viladoms Studio we think that a wedding should take place naturally, without interrupting too much the times of that day. It is important that you, the Bride and Groom, enjoy every moment, the company of your people, your Wedding basically. For those powerful reasons the photographs that we make of you as a couple will have as a frame some places of the Wedding, they will be incredible places, with an aesthetic of intensity more than enough to get the kind of photography that we are all looking for, natural, fresh and, at the same time, elegant. We do not want you to stay in front of the camera when you’re looking forward to joining the party, that tension would eat the fun, and we want you to have fun, to the fullest.

However, the expressions that your face shows the day of the Wedding does not reflect it any other day. Surely it is something unconscious, but that illusion, that joy, endow you with a special light that shines through in the final image. And being your Wedding photographers we want to take advantage of that magic. So we will take care of knowing all the enclaves that we will have available for that day, because your opinion is crucial, we will make the best decision. Perhaps the place where your Ceremony is celebrated, whether it is religious or a civil ceremony, is of a particular beauty and offers us endless options. Or maybe the farmhouse, the hotel, the place where the wedding banquet is going to take place have outdoor areas and gardens with multiple possibilities.

The most important thing is that the environment chosen as an enclave for your couple photographs fits with your image, which is part of the final set. Undoubtedly all the photographs of your wedding have to be guided by a thread, that is you. That is why each chosen corner will reflect your personality and what makes you happy, be it a palm tree, the sea or an old church. We will find the perfect corner for the perfect photographs.

Because we believe that you, the Bride and Groom, are the undisputed protagonists of an incredible day and that has to be noticed. We want, and we know how to create a unique Wedding report for each couple, within our particular way of counting through documentary photography, through the naturalness of the spontaneous gesture, but without forgetting your personal history. You are the Bride and Groom, it is your day. We have already been separately with each of you in your preparations, we have been during the Ceremony very aware of everything and everyone, now is your time. A private kiss, a corresponded look, a stolen caress. Imagine that our camera does not exist and let yourself be carried away by the emotion of a newly released Wedding. And long live to the couple!