The Bride

The Bride

Forget everything they told you, everything they expect from you, those voices that do not stop giving advice. It’s not their wedding, it’s yours. You are the Bride and you have to enjoy every moment, from the first hours until dawn. The day belongs to you and we want to accompany you along the way.

You must be asking yourself how do we accompany you in Oliver & Viladoms Studio, very simple, being by your side without you hardly noticing. The reason is simple, the more spontaneous the more beautiful photographs, because your gesture relaxes when you forget that there is a watching camera. If we can go unnoticed much better. Our photography is documentary, our job is to tell, in this case, to tell your day, your nerves, your beautiful ones, your smiles, which will be many, your emotions, authentic. To sum up, photograph you. Because each Bride is special, unique, and she has to feel that way when walking through her wedding with her eyes and memory.

The more we know about you, the better, because we will be clear about what is important. There are many details, many accessories, the protected dress, the beloved sandals. And each of those elements has a reason to be. We love to start the wedding with the preparations, always in a respectful and as subtle as possible manner, capture those nervous laughs between carmine and confidences with friends who are more than just friends, the anxious walking of the best man whose tie is asphyxiating him for the anxiousness, that great bustle.

And more incredible moments. You can not imagine how special it is to see you arrive at the place of the Ceremony. The expressions of joy of your guests and, above all, the face of your Bridegroom, is priceless. All those fleeting situations are photographs that will tell you what you did not see, because you can not see everything, but we can, we do it for you. And we will take care to photograph your Ceremony without being seen, so we have what we like the most, photographs full of naturalness and truth. Your true wedding.

You will be beautiful, because our job is to show you that beauty is everywhere, you just have to be attentive to see it. Part of our passion as wedding photographers is to look for that beauty and catch it forever. You will like yourself, in all the images, you will not know which one to choose. And, best of all, you’ll like being yourself. Because as we said at the beginning, it is your Wedding and you must feel authentic. You also have to take that authenticity to your Wedding photographs.

The party will arrive, and we will stay by your side, with the tail of the dress in hand and the shoes on the floor, because you are like that, fun and spontaneous. And your people with you, enjoying a fantastic day in which everything has gone as planned or even better, because the joy overflows and that is the best scenario. The Wedding you wanted, being the woman that you are, dressed as a Bride, but yourself, with a ring that tells what you feel. You are happy. That beautiful truth is what we want to capture in every photograph, emotions and life. The life of a Bride on a magical day, your day.