Because a wedding is a matter of two

It is true that in a Wedding the Bride seems to take all the protagonism, factors such as the aesthetic impact of her wardrobe influence a lot, among others. But at Oliver & Viladoms Studio we think that you, the Bridegroom, deserve the same treatment and the same place. A wedding is a matter of two, and in a wedding report of documentary photography, as the type of photography we use, the moments with you are as important as the ones we spent with her. Therefore, we will be by your side all day, catching your nerves and your illusion, because they are there, as they should be. After all, you are the Bridegroom.

Another important factor is that of all the elements that make up a wedding, photography is one that most arouses your attention and curiosity. There is no Bridegroom who does not want to be involved in making decisions about his Wedding Photography. You like to talk with us about all aspects of photography, including the most technical details, it is a priority for you, and that fact, as professional photographers, you will understand that we love it.

Above all, we want you to feel comfortable at all times, because one thing is to taste the photograph and another is to be in front of the objective. As wedding photographers we know that not everyone is used to having a watching camera by their side, but we can promise you that, thanks to our way of working and being, you will hardly notice our presence. We seek to tell who you are and what you feel through each of the photographs that are born in your wedding. And we say that they are born, because we are not going to invent them, we are going to let the situation and your reactions go weaving by itself the image. Because we look for that image to be the fruit of spontaneity, otherwise that man photographed in a suit and tie will not be you.

And we want the real you, the version of you more hooligan or more serene, more rogue or more romantic, simply each of you have your own way of being and that personality has to be perceived in each photograph. That’s why we like to respect the scene with all its elements. From the beginning, those moments when you start dressing up, almost always with a vigilant mother a thousand times more nervous than you, and a lot of friends who have come to cheer and cheer you up. Those laughs, those anxieties, are real, and we love them. Just let yourself go for the moment.

We are being serious when we say that you should let yourself go. Forget the protocols and be yourself. Photography has the ability to tell the truth, and when a bridegroom is having fun at his wedding, when he is enjoying every second, it shows a lot. Your face relaxes, your jaw loosens and you shoot alone the camera wanting to capture you like that, happy. It’s your wedding day and it can not be otherwise. A happy bridegroom but, above all, authentic. No matter if your wedding is here in Barcelona or where you want to take us, but do not stop being natural at any time, because our photography will also be. We are gonna have a good time.