Let the music sound!

Many are the Weddings in which the feet begin to move under the tables possessed by the desire to party. After all, a wedding is that, a party. Everything has gone perfect, until the last dish has found the glory, the music begins to sound and it is time to lose the forms, abandon the decorum and let go at night, accomplice of the joy that governs the environment. Sharp heels to the floor, ties to the air, the party asks for comfort and laughter. We, as wedding photographers, love these moments full of freshness and fun in which the photographs follow each other. It is pure spontaneity and we love that.

Of course, we will take into account all the details that you have been preparing to accompany your party. Because it is not only about music, which is important in itself, whether it is a professional DJ or a group that plays live music, it is that there are many special corners in the space chosen for the celebration. Starting with gifts that facilitate the movement of the ladies, like those baskets of flat shoes, or thinking of appeasing warmth typical of a lot of movement, like the fans. Great are the corners that take on a life of their own, like the photocall, a perfect excuse to have fun in front of a camera, the result of those gestures is fantastic. The bigger the party, the better the pictures, no doubt.

We love those moments of the night when the hunger reappears and the guests are surprised with a hot chocolate with churros, some crepes, or whatever the couple have thought to appease those nocturnal cravings that appear at all parties. Those details are more grateful than endless dinners, it’s more fun and more timely. And, of course, more than one laugh will strain between bites, between drinks. We are still surprised by the endurance of the youngest and the oldest. In beautiful weddings, and we must say that the weddings of Oliver & Viladoms Studio are all like that, nobody wants to leave. It has installed a warm climate of pleasant party, good drinking and better laugh. Many guests who have not been able to barely be with the couple, finally enjoy their company now.

During the party photographs with movement come to be, with humor and with much camaraderie. Everyone seeks to have fun, and the couple is the first to look for it. Gone are the tensions and nerves, the only important thing is to save memories of fantastic moments. Those memories take shape in our cameras that do not hesitate to join the party. Because you can not count joy unless you feel it. As photographers, we have fun at each wedding, at each party, because we want to be noticed in the result. And our photographs can tell you that a thousand times better than us. Party, music, fun guests, exhilarating couple, incredible details, while the lights align with the moment and the night becomes an accomplice. Incredible moments to never forget.