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How many photographers will be covering my wedding?

We have different packages, every wedding is different, so you have to choose which option is the best for your wedding day.

What is the difference between every packages:

1 photographer: It’s indicate for very small weddings. One point of view, because when we work alone we have to decide to do the best way to take the best shoots , we can’t spend time looking for different artistic photos.

2 photographers: two photographers = two point of view, so you’ll have nice, sweet, spontaneous and artistics photos.
One photographer with the bride (getting ready) and the other with the groom (getting ready) and together ceremony, dinner/lunch and party.

2 photographers + lighting assistant. Light = photo Lighting far us is a major issue and that’s the reason why we bet on the fact of having one person whose only task is to take care of lighting. that package it’s the goal to have your incredible pictures

How many hours does the report include?

We started at the getting ready (bride and groom) and finished once we have enough images of your guests having fun at the dancing time. Approximately 8 to 10 hours.

I do not want to pose !!!

If you have it so clear, for us perfect, do not pose !!!

Although wedding photojournalism takes a few years of fashion, we have always worked 90% of the wedding report in this way. We believe that naturalness is essential and obligatory to obtain the best images of your wedding.

Our intention is to pass as unnoticed as possible, and that our interventions are minimal to tell real stories and true to convey. Of course, the quality and variety of our images is usually proportional to the time and dedication you give us.

We want to enjoy the company of our friends and family during the appetizer/reception.

We are prepared enough so that after the ceremony we do a good report in only 20 minutes, although if you have a tight schedule we can reduce or even eliminate this time. If on the other hand you want to have more images together we will be happy to have more time to get a more complete report, or even invi- te you to book another day where you can choose the place and the best time of day to get special images That due to lack of time, distances or schedules would be impossible to make the day of your wedding.