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Barcelona Elopement

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For this reason, as wedding photographers in Barcelona, where it is important that all the photographs of your elopement in Barcelona are as elegant as possible.Modern, natural photographs of an elopement in Barcelona and as wedding photographers in Barcelona is the best we can offer you.



Barcelona Elopement | Oliver & Viladoms Studio


You and your lover, holding hands, and in a loving and sweet moment an excitement feeling invades you, to escape from monotony, take on adventure and get in the first plane to fly across the globe. Just you and your lover. No rush, relaxed, in a unique location. And in the intimacy get married.

This has a name and its called elopement, and has a destination, Barcelona. This is Barcelona Elopement.

We are wedding photographers in Barcelona, and we are grateful for having the opportunity of capturing all the moments of joy and memories in this beautiful city. The importance of these photographies is higher than a generic event, basically because of the meaning, the bond taking place abroad in a special place like Barcelona and the intensity of the experience shared in the intimacy.

On a first thought the idea could seem daring and a bit mad, once you get to know someone who would care as much as it was their own wedding, the idea become a real plan to take a bond moment to a memorable experience.


There is no rush, no pressure, no worries about guests or banquete, just the groom and the bride surronded by Barcelona’s hidden history, architecture and sea.

Without doubt an international wedding planner will be your fairy godmother.

An undispensable role to organize this special celebration, with the expertise to bring on the table anything you could need.


As we do, been professional wedding photographers we have coworked with Merry Me Spain. Their know-how about hairstylists, makeup stylists, localizations, timing, and every single detail will be covered. Relax and enjoy your time in Barcelona.

Our commitment to each event is full, we do what we love and the best gratification to our job is to see you happy.

Detail photography of the bride’s dress are one of the prettiest pictures. Brides had come to us from all over the globe, with their singular beauty standard, their facial characteristics, cultural ideas, etc. The bride’s detail photography location can be in a private Gaudi’s house or one of the many luxurious suite hotel rooms in Barcelona for your Barcelona Elopement.


We not only take pictures, we are trained, experienced and equipped to tell your fairy tale story through carefully crafted images. Our style falls in the documentary photography. Our focus is on capturing real, natural and spontaneous photographies, that’s what makes them beautiful.

We are wedding photographers in Barcelona, its our media, our industry, our city, our home. We know each corner of our city and we will be very happy to take your hand and show you arround the known, the secret and the surprising places Barcelona has to draw in your face the best of your smiles.

You are ready, she carries the bride’s bouquet, dressed on her wedding dress, he has the rings in his pocket, here, goodmans nor witnesses are required. The only witness is the moment itself, whom looks you in the eye fearful and full of excitement. The emotional load of this event is very intense, we let our cameras do the job, and try to go unnoticed by you, so the moment is becomes just that, yours.

The ceremony can be civil or religious, in an old house with many stories to tell behind its walls or among one of the many gardens Barcelona has. Options are limitless.

Its time to have fun around the city, time is out and Barcelona’s modernity and tradition are waiting for you to join the party. In this party you will join Gaudi’s universe. Any wedding planner who organaizes an intimate wedding, elopement, in the city, can’t ignore Gaudi’s legacy. Gaudi is in Sagrada Familia’s wavy shapes facing the sky, while some Park Güell’s lizard shows its tongue to visitors. The many Gaudi houses, such La Pedrera, Casa Batlló, are all stunning with many hidden indoors and  outdoor spaces with surprisingly beautiful architecture.

This spaces are rich in colors, lights, shadows which wrap up priceless moments and emotions captured in exceptional photographies. This intimidate day, a day. in Barcelona, the wedding day, your day, your elopement. A dream, like Güell Palace, a dream Gaudi had to represent nature through architecture, bring beauty to the city.

And without doubt he achieved, because that beauty is what made you fall in love with the city, and why you are here, to celebrate your wedding. A unique wedding, an elopement in Barcelona.

We will walk through the streets of Barcelona, pass by the Mediterranean sea, will let the day guide us with no rush, will enjoy every minute. We can choose two different locations, two wedding photography sessions, so we capture a complete essence of Barcelona.

For you, for your memory. As elopement photographers in Barcelona our main focus is to take the best images, capture your loving, caring, and the excitement of both of you, a couple who decides to escape from conventional to create its own history were the main roles are the destination and spend time together in the intimacy of your private wedding in Barcelona.

Elopement Barcelona. Oliver & Viladoms Studio.