Pre Wedding

Pre Wedding

Before the wedding, time for the two of you

A thousand emotions in a day. Just a few hours to keep in your pocket all the feelings that can fit and all the laughter. This is a wedding. In Oliver & Viladoms Studio we think that this day can and should be extended, we can play to create a day with more hours to make your Wedding grow and your memory has more moments to save. You deserve that and more.

Close your eyes and let the mind take you to that special corner of the world, it does not have to be ostentatious or far away, it simply has to be meaningful to you. Maybe a place that you walk together every day, maybe a hiding place in which a ring became a promise, or maybe that beach that has smiled at you during more than a dawn. That place is the perfect set for a very special session. Its name is Pre-wedding and born for fun and delight. We leave the clocks and the protocol to let the day take us where your complicity decides.

These pre-wedding sessions are the perfect time to lose your fear of the camera, so we can show you in action and before the wedding, our way of understanding and living the picture. A natural and fluid way of working in which there is no place for fake gestures, quite the contrary, our camera likes to pursue the moment rather than invent it. So the freedom of movement is complete. Little by little we will create a comfortable climate in which, without realizing it, you will find yourself enjoying while each photograph comes to be with the special beauty that the illusion imprints on everything it touches. Because the wedding is close and it shows.

A pre-wedding, exempt from rules, may be the perfect occasion for you, the Bride, to wear your hair as rebellious as you want or to wear that dress that is not too decorous for the Ceremony, while your Bridegroom wears simple jeans and nothing in the feet. Without disguises or artifices, imagining that you have devised a plan for your day off, the difference is that someone, that is us, will be capturing the best moments. Very special and different photographs will come to be, those hours that we promised will be born there so you can be able to savor your Wedding for a longer time.

Our house is in Barcelona, but we have traveler souls, so by saying that you have the freedom to decide your destination, we really mean it. We will be happy to go with you wherever you want. As it will also be a pleasure to help you find magnificent locations if you come from afar, because you have chosen a Destination Wedding and the idea of having more photos than those of the Wedding is appealing. Delighted to document these fantastic moments that will not happen again and that contain that plastic beauty that, as wedding photographers, we love to capture and turn into memories.

Because before being husband and wife you are friends, because fun has to take place every day, because you deserve more, and we want to give you everything, let’s set a date for your pre-wedding and spend a memorable day together.