You no longer have doubts about it, you want to marry her.

Then you remember the vacation spent in Barcelona.

The sea, the beach, the weather, the food… Oh, and don’t forget about how much she liked the city!

How beautiful and nice were those holidays, together in Barcelona. The city, its people, its history, it was magic.

You want to propose her, and want it to be unforgettable. A pinnacle in your journey together. Is in that precise and precious moment, were your wedding starts. A one-of-kind memory, that will be preserved and kept in your heart and memories. Always beautiful to stop and look back to it.

You no longer have any doubt, you want to organize that special engagement in Barcelona. Gotten to this point, we want to tell you from our heartfelt that it will be a pleasure for us, as wedding photographers, to witness such a moment. Full of magic.

Magic, that’s the word, not other.

Your wedding should be full of magic throughout.

Your own and unique story tale. Born on any given day but grown in time, with love and mutual understanding.

A wedding were she would say ‘YES!’ one and a thousand more times.

‘YES!’ climbed in a boat, sailing the coast, on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea.

Because if an engagement in Barcelona sounds special, the engagement in Costa Brava it conjures pure magic.

The colors, the brightest and crystalline blue combined with the velvety marine sea blue both ally, to show us your most artistic side. This location really brightens up the eyes and most joyable smiles. Images full of romanticism are born, because the engagement is your most romantic moment of your wedding. The wedding has its intense moments definitely, yet most of all is the celebration of the engagement, a great party.

The day in which a ring sealed a wish, is a day only of the two and for the two of you. Your most sincere and raw promises, will be your most intimate and loving photographies.

As wedding photographers in Barcelona we learned how to photoshoot without being noticed, specially when capturing those personal moments.

Wether is the coast or the city, Barcelona or Costa Brava, wherever location you chose to have your engagement, wether is busy-vibrant or peaceful-calm area, we  can help find those cute corners, beaming spots to make them yours, personal.

Despite of the many visitors that attracts Sagrada Familia, we know the place from head to tale, with its stunning views, its secrets, and perfect spots for an unforgettable engagement. You will feel it, peace will slow down, the city and time will stop, and it will belong to both of you, your own moment, your memory.

Meanwhile our camera, within the most possible secrecy, will capture each gesture, each turn, and each emotion, building each memory.

A city as Barcelona has many enclaves to offer and every so often the fact of rigorously having to pick one is the only troublesome part. As simple as deciding between the old city or the sea turns out been a tough decision. We will help you. Amid other factors, we will consider elements such as the season of the year you are going to prepare the wonderful engagement in Barcelona. The weather needs to follow, and we know very well our city.

We are constantly in search of lights and magical places, so don’t worry, we will take care of it. After going through and through your story and getting to know you better we will break down to bring your unique identity come to life in the photos.

We will go deep into the Costa Brava’s sea or infiltrate ourselves inside the Bellresguard Tower or, any of the many treasures Gaudi built.

Our proposal is clear: craft a beautiful photographic report of your engagement in Barcelona, with our particular working wedding photography technique. A spontaneous, and dynamic way, far from forced mannequin postures or unauthentic gestures. Truth and genuine expressions will be by far, the best of memories. Thats part of our craft, therefore you might find us in the most unexpected spots, observant at all times, ready to capture the slightest caring gesture detail. Staying aware on the surroundings such the landscape, the sea, the mountain or the urban background to make an overall complete and accurate representation of ‘your moment’. Years of experience land turned into a deep knowledge of where is the ‘best face’ Barcelona can offer to you, so that your memory is not just a moment but also a memory of the place. The memory of your engagement in this magnificent city that is Barcelona.

Photographic reports of many wonderful couples having their engagement in Barcelona and Costa Brava, are available for you to see, or better put, to feel, what this unique experience truly means.

Is at a once-in-a-life memory like your engagement, were photography bring us back to its roots. Capture a memory, compelling authentic feelings, from real people.

Just a bride and groom, enjoying their engagement and their surroundings.

Natural photographs, simple in appearance but rich in emotions, learned after decades of experience, an iterate process carefully depurated and crafted with love. That’s our seal. Anywise our city Barcelona and us, are very similar. Accumulated years of experience, a good lived life with stories to tell and plenty of possibilities that we put at your disposal. All with our most honest desire to turn your engagement experience in Barcelona to an unrepeatable, stunning and, above all, magical.

Must be like this. You have decided to come from far away to live something unique in a unique place. We will be your wedding photographers, honored and happy to turn a burst of emotions, happiness, joy, excitement, love into images. Photographies that speak out by themselves. Photographies that get better over time, that convey your happiness, those you like to see again and again. In short, those photographies that bring you back the salty smell of sea, the bubbly taste of cava. Photographies that bring you back to your engagement in Barcelona.