We make wedding Films in Barcelona natural, showing the day of your wedding from an artistic and documentary point of view at the same time. From oliver and viladoms studio we are experts in Wedding video in Barcelona different, dynamic and with a romantic point.

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If you are looking for videographers or Wedding Films in Barcelona you are in a good place. We are located right in the center of Barcelona, ​​in the Ronda Universidad Nine, on the second floor. If you are reading this means that you are looking for someone to make your Wedding Video in Barcelona, ​​therefore you will have a lot of work to identify and distinguish the different styles in this world of wedding video in Barcelona. Finding the ideal person for your wedding day is very difficult because even when you have different interviews with different videographers or cameras, you will hear similar words from all of them but the same ones. From our experience I would say that above all you notice the emotions that transmit their images and Films in the same way that I advise you also analyze the person you are talking to, because the wedding day is about 12 hours of work in the that you will have these people close and therefore it would be advisable that there be a good Feeling on both sides.

Each person is different, and in our case in which we do wedding Films in Barcelona, ​​we can affirm with absoluteness that once the boyfriend of the bride trusts us, we acquire for our part a commitment that makes us give our 100 × 100 before , after and especially during the wedding day.

Our different wedding Films will not leave you indifferent.

Barcelona is an ideal city to celebrate your wedding, it is an authentic place with a lot of culture and diversity and offer a special charm for any boyfriend either Catalan or Spanish as for couples who come from other countries and chooses in Barcelona to get married. For us weddings are very important and we capture and record the most important moments of your wedding at the same time that we mix and we are one more at the party. We like to record everything that happens without forgetting also the small details. Our way of working to make a good wedding video in Barcelona is to feel like another guest going unnoticed among all. Our style is cinematographic and documentary. We really come from the cinema, we are photographers and videographers for more than 70 years, we are the third generation that we dedicate ourselves to the world of photography, cinema and wedding video in the city of Barcelona or also abbreviated Bcn.

Our wedding Films in Barcelona are characterized by being elegant and full of emotion, where we capture unique moments in the history of each couple on a special day like this. The recording and editing of the video report is made by professionals from the audiovisual world using the latest and best techniques and audiovisual media. Our Films reflect your love story from a cinematic vision obtaining a very elegant and natural video that we will win your trust. For us it is very important that you feel comfortable and relaxed during the wedding day, for this reason our treatment is friendly and close to all the couple.

From our audiovisual production we also offer the possibility of hiring a drone, drone or several drones to obtain spectacular images and different points of view that enrich and record and contextualize the story from our audiovisual production company we also offer the possibility of hiring a Durón or several Drones to obtain spectacular images and different points of view that enrich and contextualize the history of the couple. Through the Drone images, wedding Films in Barcelona are more complete and spectacular. They are different Films, elegant and with a cinematographic and documentary style full of emotion that transforms them into the best Wedding Films of Barcelona.

The advance to hire us always recommend that it be as fast as possible, since we recorded a limited number of reports and when we reached our maximum we do not accept any more requests.

We recommend that you hire a wedding video in Barcelona because it will be the only thing we have left after the big day. The food consumes the flowers wither and the only thing that remains are the images and the memory our mind that with time is vanishing. The Films are moving emotions, they are unique and show your history and the most special moments you have lived. Over time they acquire more value if possible and become a visual and sound document that you can teach your children or who knows even grandchildren, thus becoming part of the family heritage that you have just created. Before the wedding, the groom and the bride do not become aware of the importance of a wedding video in Barcelona, ​​there are always multiple details and circumstances to think about. The purpose is to prepare a day to be perfect, but sometimes we forget that one day passes very fast And if someone does not take care of and get those images and those emotions, nobody will. For this reason it is very important to invest some time in seeing and analyzing different professionals until we find Wedding Films in Barcelona that excite us. We can find a wedding video in Barcelona that seems right, but what we should look for is something that really thrills us and that transmits emotions and feelings to us.

When looking for an audiovisual professional we must also take into account the delivery time of our Video, many videographers deliver the report in six or seven months, while we do it in three months.

It is also important to take into account the type of professional you hire, in our case we have worked in the audiovisual world for more than 20 years and we can do any type of work that requires video, both events and advertising or any type of corporate video.

We make Wedding Films in Barcelona, ​​in places like Masía Ribas, Bell Recó, Castell de Sant Marçal, Masia Egara, Castell Jalpí, Castell de Tamarit, Castell de Perelada, Mas Bon Vilar, La Baronia, Can Mora de Dalt, Mas Cabanyes, The Convent of Blanes, Sitges, Masia can Rosas, Can Magí. The previous restaurants are some of the places where we make our best wedding Films in Barcelona.

The images of the different wedding Films arise from the interaction of the camera on the one hand and the protagonists on the other. As the protagonists are shown, the camera must choose the moments that it wants to show. This choice, your information technique, your personality and your way of living life will influence the final result. To achieve the maximum naturalness possible, we must let the actions happen, but at the same time we must be very attentive to anticipate what may happen. In this way our wedding video in Barcelona will spontaneously show the real naturalness of the bride’s groom.

Since we arrived at the groom’s house, we will find natural images in which the father of the groom or the mother of the groom can help him get dressed. On two occasions are the brothers of the groom or even some friends of the groom is next to him to help him and accompany him in the preparations. In our elegant Films we record the groom while he finishes dressing, putting on the groom’s bow tie, or the groom’s tie. Later it is usually placed on the boyfriend’s cufflinks and the groom’s suit. The preparations usually end when the protagonist puts on the groom’s shoes. Once dressed, we usually do some shots and some shots of the groom alone as a portrait and then we take advantage of any interaction between the groom And the father the groom, also between the groom and the groom’s brother or if there is also a sister of the groom . We also take advantage of the interventions that take place before the mother of the groom and the groom himself and even the looks and comments of complicity between the groom and the friends of the groom. the custom in Catalonia is usually to send a friend to the bride’s house to give her the bride’s bouquet. The tradition adds that when giving the bouquet of the bride the godfather must read some verse or some poem or some story about the couple. Once we have finished the Wedding Films in Barcelona at the groom’s house, the latter travels to the place where the ceremony will be held. In any report you can not miss the plans and the shots at the bride’s house. In the bride’s house we give a series of plans to locate the location and then we focus on the makeup of the bride, her emotions and those of her family. Sleep here in the bride can be some funny moments in which the sisters of the bride or even the mother of the bride can approach and discuss something with her. If on the contrary we find friends, it will surely be at other times equally funny and complicit among them. While the bride is being made up and the hairdresser does the hairstyle of the bride, we also take some shots of the details. Previously we talked to the bride to define what she wants, but usually the dress of the bride hung in an aesthetically beautiful place is usually an essential image. We also made some shots of the bride’s shoes, the rings of the bride as the wedding ring and any other detail that the bride considers important. Sometimes they ask us to make some shot of the bride’s lingerie or also some bracelet of the bride or the earrings of the bride. They are usually gifts from the family or even from the groom who want them to be documented.

When the makeup and the hairstyle are finished, it is time to put on the dress, and to guide the family and the bride a little so that they are in a suitable place where from a suitable light that enhances their beauty. In these moments when it is more important to have chosen a good videographer or wedding video in Barcelona with their experience and subtly know how to obtain good images with good lighting and a good composition that take advantage of the moment they are living. In these moments is when you notice the difference of a professional to one that is not. A good camera, videographer or wedding video in Barcelona will know how to achieve the naturalness of the couple without the need to marry or create unnatural stories or flat nonsense. Then the camera will take some spontaneous shots of the bride where he will make a portrait and then continue with some images in which you can appreciate the dress of the bride, the details of the dress of the bride, the tail of the dress of the bride and in short, how the bride looks on her dress. Nor should we forget to take some shot of the bride’s headdress and the bride’s hairstyle.

We will also take some plans of the bride while interacting with the father of the bride and the mother of the bride. If the bride has siblings, we will also make some plans in which we see the brother of the bride or the sister of the bride interacting with her. If it were the case that the bride is not with her family, we would give more importance to the interaction of the bride with the friends of the bride or her bridesmaids. Finally, in Catalonia, the moment in which the bride’s godfather makes the delivery of the bride’s bouquet is recorded at the same time that a verse reads a few words about the history of the couple. This Catalan tradition also gives a lot of play, because when the godfather arrives at the bride’s house there are many looks and smiles that we can capture and record between the godfather of the bride, the bride and the rest of his family. In a good wedding video in Barcelona you can not miss this moment in which the bride of her family gets excited while they listen to the words of the godfather. After this moment the brides usually take advantage to put on the veil or some final complement before going to the ceremony.

We always advise the couple to arrive 20 or 30 minutes before the ceremony to receive the guests. At this time we can record different meetings between the boyfriend and his friends and family. Here arise the nerves and the rush, but also the comments between friends, laughter and hugs. Once the time arrives, the groom enters the church with his mother while we make a series of Thomas explaining his entrance, the looks, and the emotions of the guests. It is an essential moment, among other things because in addition to the entrance of the groom we will be recording an important moment that the bride will not be able to enjoy live.

The best wedding Films of Barcelona can not miss this great moment.

Then get to the girlfriend to be recorded while getting out of the car. His father and goes towards the entrance of the ceremony whether civil or religious. For us as videographers, cameras or wedding Films in Barcelona is one of the most important moments of the entire wedding. The entrance of the bride is full of emotion and interesting images. The best wedding Films of Barcelona must capture the expressions of the bride and her father as they enter, just as they must capture the emotion and expressions of the groom when he sees the bride entering. Nor should we forget the parents of the couple, the brothers of the couple the rest of friends and family who show their emotion while entering girlfriend. The ceremony begins and we always record the readings or speeches dedicated to the bride and groom made by friends and family. We recommend the hiring of two cameras because at times like these when a camera can be recording the entire speech or reading while the other camera can capture the reactions and emotions of both the bride and groom and the rest of the guests while they listen to the reading. These readings are recorded both entirely in video and through an audio recorder that captures the clean and clear sound to be able to subsequently carry out a good post-production. Our different wedding Films have a cinematographic and documentary style.

The civil coins, after the readings of the justice of the peace usually say a few words while if it is a religious ceremony in the church it is the priest who is in charge of giving the sermon. Then comes the moment of the exchange of rings in which we take pictures of the moment itself and the looks and smiles are produced between the couple and also sometimes between the witnesses. At this time we should not forget the relatives who are in the first banks as parents usually are. We always get different wedding Films and elegant Films.

We also carry out general plans of the civil ceremony, whether it is outdoors or if it is a ceremony in a church, where we will look for a high point to show Elisa in a majestic way. For most weddings we recommend the hiring of two Video cameras that will take images from two points of view, offering a wedding video in Barcelona more complete and aesthetically more spectacular.

After the exchange of rings, we take some shots of the couple’s signature on the altar and then we take some shots while they photograph the couple with their parents and witnesses. In the best wedding Films of barcelona The images of the bride and groom are essential as they make their exit and the guests throw the petals or the classic rice.

We are very important to take images and record images on video while all the guests approach the couple to embrace and congratulate them. They are very emotional and natural images that help to relive the emotion and the atmosphere that was lived in that moment.

After the nerves the emotions of the ceremony when making the photographs and the video recordings as a couple. At this moment, it is about letting things flow and the boyfriends are natural as they are. They are instants in which they comment moments of the ceremony and look at each other with the calmness and calm that they could not have before. The best wedding Films of Barcelona Intervene as little as possible at this time, only to indicate a place with adequate light and a beautiful composition. After finishing the photo session, we accompany the nine is an appetizer so that the guests can enjoy the world. These moments produce the best images while all the guests talk and discuss the wedding, while enjoying a varied and complete aperitif. towards the middle and the end of the appetizer in producing funny and happy moments between friends and boyfriends. Everyone is more relaxed enjoying. While the photographer takes some group photographs, we can take shots of expressions and moments in which everyone is very relaxed and happy. This way we will get elegant Films and different wedding Films.

We also recorded some general shots of the place where the aperitif was made and some images while the guests move to the sitting room that will indicate the place on the table where they should sit to enjoy lunch or dinner. In the best wedding Films of barcelona You can not miss the images of the couple while they sang dancing to the lounge to the rhythm of the music. At this moment everyone is euphoric, guests get up and turn their napkins from one side to the other showing their joy for the newly married couple.

In the Wedding Films in Barcelona, ​​the images of the presidency where we find the bride and groom, the parents of the groom, the parents of the bride, the grandparents of the bride and the grandmothers of the bride, the grandparents of the groom, the grandmothers of the groom or on other presidential occasions is formed by the brothers of the groom and the brothers of the bride and friends of the bride and friends of the groom. We will also do the general plans of the room or the place where the dinner is celebrated as well as a series of plans in which the tables close to the presidency can be seen.

In the best wedding Films of Barcelona we will also record images of the cut of the cake, the toast, or any gift delivery. These gifts or throw the dolls of the cake that are aimed at the next couple who marries Ana or the bride’s bouquet that usually directed to one of the friends of the bride to find a partner. While these gift deliveries occur it is important not to interfere in order to capture the naturalness and emotions as they arise. If some speech or some parliaments are produced, we will also record them in Video in its entirety. At this time it is also often important to have two video cameras for one to record the speech while the other camera can record the reactions and emotions of both the bride and groom and the rest of the guests.

From oliver viladoms studio we made different Films and elegant Films with a cinematographic and documentary style.

Both the food or dinner, and the party are some of the most valued times for the couple. Aesthetically they are not so valued by videographers but this is not our case. We know that they are moments in which images are produced in unrepeatable fun moments that our boyfriends value very much. For this reason we strive to achieve the best possible images at all times of the wedding, both aesthetic and not so aesthetically grateful. The party and dancing with the DJ is another of the most important moments for our boyfriends. Here we can get images with great strength and expressiveness that will make the bride and groom smile when they see them. The Friends dancing and doing some choreographed dance always get the smile of the couple.

We always record numbers in pictures of the bride and groom’s dance, and we stay at least an hour at least to be able to capture in a more complete way the party and the dance of the maximum number of family guests. Between the music and the glasses a funny combination takes place, that without a doubt helps to have explosive and amusing images of the fiancés and the guests.

If you are looking for different wedding Films, elegant Films and a cinematographic and documentary style you are in the right place. If you also want to see some good wedding Films in Barcelona or even what you are looking for are the best wedding Films of Barcelona, ​​you have come to the right place.

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