Can Magi




Our couples are all special, you are all different because you do not settle for anything, you seek to reflect your own personality in every detail, in every provider, in every moment. In your mind a day  for the memory is drawn, an unforgettable Wedding. We are here to help you make it possible, you found us by searching our type of documentary and natural photography, we are your Wedding Photographers in Barcelona assuming the commitment to create real images, pictures that are delicate and full of life at the same time, reflecting every minute lived and every remembered moment.

And it is that, in many occasions, beauty is the difference. That happens in the Masía Can Magí, at Sant Cugat del Vallés, a space in which tradition and modernity go hand-by-hand, to create a place to celebrate a Wedding as special as you want, and as special as you are.


You have chosen Barcelona as the perfect destination for your wedding, being a local or coming from wherever, now it’s time to decide between the many houses, farms and hotels that surround Barcelona. But you want a place located a few minutes from the city, because you will have guests coming from different places who will be staying in their respective hotels and you want to keep them as comfortable as possible. Only ten minutes separate Can Magí from Barcelona, ten minutes separate the city from the most vital green and the sun. Can Magí has its own magic and personality, and those qualities will dress your Wedding.


We will show you several special and different photographs, all of them keeping a common thread, elegance, all of them from our Weddings in Can Magí, and you will see how special this place is, especially because of its mix of styles, and for being different. If you are also an architecture lover you have to get married here, because this beautiful farmhouse is part of the Architectural Heritage of Catalonia. Its main building moves  in between neoclassicism and modernism, it moves in between brick and glass, between stone and steel.

As proof, you have its magnificent jewel, its Crystal Hall, named after its glass ceiling that covers a diaphanous space in which you can celebrate banquets without end with the sky as a witness. You may not be able to imagine the photographs that can be born from an enclave like that, but we can, and we assure you that they will be elegant photographs, full of beauty and contrast.

We know your people are fundamental, they are the reason why a link that could be simple becomes a big celebration. You are more than two. It is important that your people feel praised at all times, and that enjoy they the whole day, from the appetizers to the end of the party. Family and friends will enjoy, we have seen it in all the Weddings at Can Magí, a magnificent Catering by the hand of Sesacions. This new aspect joins the stream of the different, that same fusion of styles, now on the plate, they know how to modernize traditional  Catalan food while respecting the product.


Getting married in Can Magí is getting married in Barcelona, because it represents the city in its entirety. And we want to be part of that special Wedding, we want to be your Wedding Photographers in Barcelona, and your Wedding Photographers in Can Magí.

This magnificent farm is the perfect setting for the celebration of outdoor Civil Ceremonies in its magnificent gardens full of lush vegetation and ancient trees. If your option is a Religious Ceremony the beautiful monastery of Sant Cugat del Vallés is very close to the estate, with an incredible 12th century cloister that will refresh the warmth of the Barcelona afternoons.


Whichever is the case Can Magí awaits you to brighten up the day of your wedding with a careful organization and incredible details. And, in the case that the weather does not accompany and rains on the day of your Wedding, Can Magí has a magnificent spot inside the farmhouse, that is called the Cellar, and it comes from what once was a winery, so the personality is again assured, you just have to remember to enjoy your day, your partner, your family, and we will take care of the rest.

Now pay attention to the lights of our Photographs in Can Magí, look at those garlands that are born from the main facade and end in the glasses of those majestic trees that seem to want to join the party, your wedding party in Barcelona. Lights that cross the gardens, that slip between people, like us and our cameras, to give color and life, more if possible, to the day of your wedding. Contemplate those gardens at sunset is part of that magic you see in our Wedding Pictures, you know that our way of working is to let the camera tell what you and your dear ones are living, and that light, that is reflected in every smile, it is the sum of a lot, of a lot of work, of a lot of enthusiasm and passion, and of a place capable of accommodating all that and more. That place is Can Magí.


The night will surprise you while you are still laughing, with the dress stained with happiness, with a drink in your hand and thousands of memories to keep. You will not want to end the day, it always happens, because the good times seem to run faster. Do not worry, we have been behind every emotion, and we have captured it for you. We have built an imperishable graphic document, your Wedding in pictures, your Wedding Photos in Can Magí.

Can Magí Av. de Can Magí, 5, 08173 Sant Cugat del Vallés