Castell de sant Marçal

Castell de sant Marçal

Castell de sant Marçal

In the following post we find the photographs of the wedding of Mía and Jordi for whom we were the best wedding photographers in Barcelona.

The wedding of this couple so nice and at the same time elegant is located in the town of San Cugat del Vallès which is only 20 minutes from Barcelona. It is a city with a high purchasing power where mainly many business entrepreneurs who work in Barcelona live, Barcelona elopement. Castell de sant Marçal

In San Cugat del Vallès is where both the groom and his family live and the bride and many of the relatives who came to the wedding. The ceremony was religious and was held at the Monasterio de San Cugat, while the dinner and the party was on the farm of Masia Rosas.

Castell de sant Marçal, Oliver & Viladoms

As we said, from Oliver & Viladoms Studio we are wedding photographers and we believe that we were the Best Photographers Barcelona s Barcelona for Mia and Jordi. We say this statement in this clear way, because we think that the moment a couple decides to hire you, you should do the best job possible and when you are at your wedding you are the Best Photographers Barcelona  they will have.

Castell de sant Marçal

The memories and emotions that will come back to life when you see your work will be the most intense that you can feel again from the day of your wedding. That’s why our work is so important and for that reason we want to be the best wedding photographers in Barcelona that couples who trust in us can have. Castell de sant Marçal.

Castell de sant Marçal, WEDDINGS

We are the best wedding photographers that Jordi had while we photographed the preparations in his house. We took photos while the groom dressed and prepared with his parents and his closest family.

After taking some family portraits and some individual photographs of the groom we went to the church of the Monastery of Sant Cugat. We recommend to the groom that he will arrive 20 or 30 minutes before the ceremony to be able to be located and above all to receive all his family and friends next to the door of the Monastery of Sant Cugat. Jordi was smiling as he received his friends at the door of the church and even when he made the entrance to the church with his mother. One of the many reasons why Mia admires Jordi is because she is a very self-confident person and she showed it at all times.

Best Wedding, Castell de sant Marçal

Meanwhile, we as  wedding photographers, we were at Mia’s house photographing the details such as the bride’s dress, the shoes, the engagement rings and also the wedding bands. Castell de sant Marçal.

We took some pictures while they were making up the bride and when we finished we continued with our photographic report while the mother of the bride helped him to put on the dress. Also at this time we were the Best Photographers Barcelona s Barcelona for the bride and her family.

When the process of makeup and preparation was over, the bride went downstairs to the house of her parents where we made some portraits with her family. Her mother finished by putting the veil on her and finally they went to the Monastery of Sant Cugat where her wedding ceremony IN Castell de sant Marçal would take place.

Castell de sant Marçal, Barcelona

In the church we were also his Best Photographers Barcelona s. In all the reports we must be the best wedding photographers.

Only the couple can decide who are the Best Photographers Barcelona Castell de sant Marçal for them.

Being the Best Photographers Barcelona s Barcelona is something very subjective that will always depend on the perception of each person.

Best wedding photographer Barcelona, Castell de sant Marçal

For all of our boyfriends we will be the Best Photographers Barcelona  in their homes, the Best Photographers Barcelona Castell de sant Marçal in their ceremony, the Best Photographers Barcelona s Barcelona who will take their photos of their couple and their Best Photographers Barcelona s Barcelona until the end of their wedding.

After a few minutes her father’s girlfriend came to the church square where they left the car and walked a few meters to the door of the monastery. There the bride took hold of her father’s arm and with decision the entrance to the church began. Jordi was waiting for her at the altar where the eyes met and the groom helped her up the stairs to the altar.

This church is one of the most beautiful of the population, and above all its large size. It was one of the churches with more power during the Middle Ages and is currently classified as a World Heritage Site.

Castell de sant Marçal, photos

We photographed the different readings that his friends had prepared and we took some pictures of the first banks where his closest relatives were. During the ceremony we took some general photographs of the church from different points of view and within a few minutes the wedding rings ceremony began. After the music that sang the soprano and entertained the organist of the church, the couple and the witnesses moved to the sacristy where they signed.

When we finished we made some photographs of the couple and their parents on the altar and then went outside the monastery where all the friends threw the petals.

We are wedding photographers in Barcelona but in this case we are wedding photographers in Sant Cugat.

Masia Rosas

Best Photographers, Castell de sant Marçal

After the hugs and greetings of most of the guests, we moved to the impressive cloister of the Monastery of Sant Cugat where we took some pictures of the couple. Then the light went out and we had to leave quickly for the Masia Rosas.

Masia Rosas is very close to the church, so in a few minutes we are there.

When we arrived at Masia Rosas, the couple asked us for a photograph in front of the house just before entering the appetizer.

We passed near the seatting that the bride had prepared and we arrived at the English garden where everyone was enjoying the gastronomy of Masia Rosas.

Wedding, Castell de sant Marçal

During the aperitif we made some spontaneous and natural images of the guests while they spoke in small groups. We also took pictures of details and the room where the dinner would be held. Before finishing the appetizer, the couple asked us for some group photographs with their relatives and friends that we made under the arcades of the farm. Once the photos were finished, all the guests entered the room and finally Mia and Jordi made their entrance to the rhythm of the music.

At the moment of the entrance to the room together with the moment in which the bride enters the church, the circumstance occurs in which the guests are transformed, take out their mobiles and become wedding photographers.

At this moment, wedding photographers in Barcelona multiply by a hundred.

Elopement, Castell de sant Marçal

During dinner we used to take pictures so as not to disturb the guests. But once the second course is over, the cake is cut and then the bride and groom hand out the cake dolls that are intended for the next couple to marry in Castell de sant Marçal.

This also happened at the wedding of Mia and Jordi where after delivering the dolls they also delivered the bride’s bouquet. After the deliveries, the boyfriend and girlfriend started the dance that gave way to the party that would last until five in the morning. Before leaving we asked the couple if they wanted to do some night photography to close the album and we did.

We want to thank Mía and Jordi for choosing us as their Best Photographers Barcelona for their wedding day.