Mia & Jordi

Mia & Jordi


One thing we had clear, the day of the link happens very fast. Everyone had told us. What we did not expect was that it would happen so fast!

We wanted, therefore, to have a good memory of that day to be able to remember it.

After seeing the photographic results of friends who had trusted in LluĂ­s and Luisa we do not hesitate to contact them.

A year and a half later of one of the most important days for us , We are very clear that if we repeated we would trust them again.

The results were as expected, very good photographs and some precious videos. A lot of artistic quality.

But I can also say that they are a very loving and fun couple at the same time as profesional.La most of the photographs, nor did we realize that they did, allowing us to enjoy our day.

And those of course we knew they were doing, were very easy thanks to their closeness and friendliness.

Thank you very much Luis and Luisa. With much affection, Jordi and Mia