Noemi & Pau

Noemi & Pau



Pau and Noemi are a couple who made the beautiful decision to give themselves and all their guests an incredible wedding in the Mediterranean. With all this idyllic setting that Barcelona is capable to offer, blue skies, vegetation of a vibrant green and the sea as a master of ceremonies. Because there was a ceremony, a beautiful Outdoor Civil Ceremony enjoyed by all. But let’s go by parts, because there is a lot to tell and to show. As you can see and feel in their Wedding Photographs in Barcelona, we remember that day with a lot of love and a great smile. There was joy and a lot of party, and this is showed as you can see in the natural and funny photographs that are each one of the pictures of that day. Come to see them, to see everything, it’s worth it. Welcome to the Coast of Maresme, to the beautiful Masía Can Mora de Dalt, welcome to the Wedding in Barcelona of Pau and Noemi.


Noemi looked beautiful. It may seem a cliché, but very true in this case. We met her before the wedding, of course, and seeing her dressed as a bride, far from appearing strange, was natural. Our Bride chose a dress with a sweetheart neckline and skirt with volume, layers of fabric overlapped with different lengths that moved with her, as well as her hair, because she wore it down, shiny. It was her, dressed as a Bride, radiant and full of joy, but still herself. The brooch to her look was a beautiful bouquet of white roses, sniffed by Hugo, that is what happens in a wedding with a dog, everything is new and  becomes a game. And we, as Wedding Photographers in Barcelona, love the spontaneous photographs that arise from the pet and its owners. But there would be many special situations that were going to take place in this Wedding in Can Mora de Dalt. One of them, was seeing appear the friends of the Bride all dressed in the same dress, all in blue, like the sky on that day, like the sea. The light wanted to be present at this Wedding on the Coast of Maresme in Barcelona.

There were no reasons to make the groom wait any longer. All the Guests were on their places in the gardens of Can Mora de Dalt. This 15th century farmhouse has magnificent exteriors, palm trees, orange trees and jasmine allied perfectly with the sea, which can be seen without effort. It is a delicious Mediterranean Garden that invites you to enjoy and let the day go by as you wish, because it will be amazing, no matter what happens.

These beautiful reasons are what lead many couples to choose Can Mora de Dalt to celebrate their Destination Wedding, knowing that Barcelona will wear one of its most beautiful profiles, between land and sea, between gardens and stone. The Weddings at Can Mora de Dalt are so special, and the outdoor Civil Ceremony of Pau and Noemi was turning out perfect. They are a very close couple, who transmitted their complicity throughout the celebration. A Civil Ceremony full of emotional moments, of contained feelings, words full of promises and many curious looks that wanted to participate in every minute. While the magic took place, our cameras sneaked in stealthily, our way of working with Documentary Photography allows us to capture the best smile, the most beautiful gesture, Hugo doing his own thing, the intense sensitivity of the couple, everything, the whole day. Natural and real photos. The space offered by Can Mora de Dalt is a privilege to work in, to be able to mount a story to remember.


The day walked at his pace and the aromas of the viands of the earth, cooked with care, called those who were present. A reception splendidly prepared in Can Mora de Dalt would be well-received by all, drink in hand to toast and laugh. The atmosphere exuded joy, fun and good humor. Not a single cloud in the sky and wonderful views of the Mediterranean Sea. The party seemed to want to start even before the diner had even been put down on the table. But they all sat, of course, in a beautiful interior room of Can Mora de Dalt, magnificently decorated, between beams and pillars of a rustic wood, maintaining the architectural spirit of the Masía. A splendid meal and a couple who did not stop smiling and blending with their people, who were very much loved.

The night was fantastic, and we had to take advantage of it until the last minute. That’s why, in Can Mora de Dalt, they prepared the outdoor gardens so that the party could be outdoors, they decorated their green nooks with lighting that blended perfectly with the surroundings. And the party went on, because it was long since  it begun. And when saying party we mean it, a whole Party written in capitals letters crowned the beautiful Wedding in Barcelona of Pau and Noemi.

The music and the joy of the day simply flooded the air infecting everyone, friends and family, even Hugo seemed to want to dance. While we, the Wedding Photographers, did not limit the moment, putting together many images for the memory, many special and unique moments, that without a doubt, this great couple would want to see again and again. That’s what being Wedding Photographs consist of, in telling what happened in each nook and minute, and telling it for real. And a Wedding in Can Mora de Dalt is a guarantee of beauty, of warmth, of welcoming Mediterranean aromas that turn a day, already special by itself, into a unique and unrepeatable, almost magical, moment. This was the wedding of Pau and Noemi, a wedding with a view of the sea, their sea, a wedding in Barcelona. It only remains to thank you for having allowed us to be your Wedding Photographers in Can Mora de Dalt, and being able to witness so much joy. And that always stays this way.